Легендарная журналистка «Эха Москвы» тяжело больна The famous literary critic and columnist Maya Peshkova amputate the second leg. This was reported by her friend in social networks. The woman suffers from diabetes and she has only six months to collect the necessary treatment amount. Despite serious illness, Maya Lazarevna tries to remain optimistic and not complaining relatives.

      Легендарная журналистка «Эха Москвы» тяжело больна

      Journalist, literary critic and commentator of radio station “Echo Moscow” Maya Peshkov is in need of serious surgery, but it lacks funds for expensive treatment. This was announced by the President of the Foundation “Living classics” Marina Smirnova. According to the woman, Maya Lazarevna to amputate the second leg. To avoid this, Peshkova urgent medical intervention. She has six months to raise the necessary funds.

      “Maya Lazarevna sick. Hard. Recently they amputated her leg. Completely. Diabetes is serious business. Small wear and tear, the wound did not heal, was “gangrene”. The doctors said that his leg can be saved: “Look for 500 thousand for the operation and immediately fly to Germany, or Israel, or make operation in Moscow, but in one particular clinic,” shared Marina.

      Smirnov said that Peshkova concealed their illness from friends and acquaintances. When the journalist found out about the terrible diagnosis, she was confused. Timid attempts of the browser to ask loved ones for help did not succeed. “I thought, amputated fingers… But after the operation he put his hand on the spot knees, and knee not above nothing” – Maya Lazarevna said about the first intervention of medical professionals.

      However, Peshkova tries not to lose heart. The woman smiles a lot, fun to interact with friends and even finds the strength to joke. Moreover, Maya Lazarevna continues to work. “She’s doing reports from home, very worried that at home no weak signal Internet sometimes does not work. Very grateful to a management “Echo Moscow” the opportunity, for it is like the air. Job supports it”, – said Marina.

      According to Smirnova, the journalist refused to ask for help, so I had to demand her Bank card number. Marina believes that people who are familiar with the work browser will not get past her troubles.

      “Maya Lazarevna Peshkova, of course, not a pop star, but I hear her tens of thousands (and some millions) of people in our country and abroad. Hundreds of people have been to her in the ethers. Of the hundreds she made a wonderful transfer of “Last times”. Thousands of literary events have become known to the audience thanks to her stories,” shared the woman.

      Note that Maya Peshkova is one of the most famous contemporary literary critics. In different years she met with many famous writers and poets. She is the Joseph Brodsky read by phone my latest Christmas poem. A number of fans Peshkova responded to a request from her friend for help. Among them was film critic Anton Dolin. “Maya Peshkov – the man who took me by the hand and brought him into journalism. I owe her very much. Very. Please help if you can,” he shared in social networks.

      If you want to help Maya Lazarevna Peshkova, you can either transfer the money to card of Sberbank № 4276 3800 5889 9704