Экс-любовницу владельца стоматологических клиник уличили в тайной жизни Story featuring Christina oleinichenko continued. A woman who is fighting for the right to raise a young son, came to the program “Let them talk”, to explain that she didn’t do anything wrong. The family of her former suitor, Moscow dentist Eugene Ermakova, deprived her of the opportunity to communicate with the child, and turned the case so that the boy’s mother was in jail.

    Экс-любовницу владельца стоматологических клиник уличили в тайной жизни

    Christina oleinichenko fighting for a child with a dentist Moscow Evgeny Ermakov. The girl met a man in 2010 when I got a job in his clinic senior nurse. After a year they began a serious affair.

    In 2013, oleinichenko and Ermakova born son Jack. According to lady dentist, the man was very happy. It was his surname, name and patronymic is specified in the “fatherhood” in the birth certificate of the boy. The mistress of the owner of dental clinics trying to sue his son

    After a baby born Christine received an apartment worth 25 million rubles. She no longer worked at the clinic. Her only responsibility was to care for the son. When legal wife Ermakova Olga learned about the existence of mistress Kristina had to enter into a marriage with his son Eugene, Anton.

    After a time, oleinichenko flew with my sister to Thailand because Ermakov allowed them to break from parenting baby. At this moment a man came into the apartment and took away his son. Ex-lover of a dentist does not see the boy for almost two years. Zhenya brings up the stepmother, the official wife of Eugene.

    In the air, “Let them talk” Christina oleinichenko tried to get support from experts and publicly to call upon the father of the child to return to her boy. The program cited a passage of the conversation with his wife Eugenia Olga. The woman previously wrote a statement to Christine that she chased her with scissors and threatened. Oleinichenko held under article 116 of the criminal code.

    “Why do I have to drive husband to destroy his life due to the fact that some Ukrainian wanted to take my place. What kind of nonsense is this?” – commented on the situation the wife Ermakova.
    Экс-любовницу владельца стоматологических клиник уличили в тайной жизни

    In the middle of the transfer was published recording from the apartment where lived Christina. To control the mother of his child, Ermakov found there listening.

    It turned out that oleinichenko, which came sister Svetlana, not just left to “walk” at night when the child was already asleep. According to cousin Christina, it was necessary for such emotions.

    “You have eyes lit up, his face tightened. You and the other became immediately younger than five years at least,” says the sister.
    Экс-любовницу владельца стоматологических клиник уличили в тайной жизни

    Other audio reports conversation Christine with her lover. Presumably, it was this man had to join her on holiday in Thailand. Oleinichenko persistently denied that such conversation took place.

    “No sleep! The arrival in the morning!” – promises a prospective lover Christine.
    Экс-любовницу владельца стоматологических клиник уличили в тайной жизни

    Came to the Studio sister Christine Svetlana says that Eugene is a fraud, so all of these conversations were simulated by his efforts. The editors of “Let them talk” contacted Yermakov on the phone.

    “When such a beauty as she, throwing children, and now they are covered when in the back seat the rooster pecked. Here comes the hysteria. She thought a credit card, and not the child. And it’s disgusting. I held her, all missing. Her only task was to engage the child and not to drink and to wander at night,” said the dentist.

    According to Eugene after he took Eugene Christine, it turned out that the boy was sick. The man said that the child was diagnosed with several serious diagnoses. He condemned women who treat children.

    Christina’s mom Irina claims that Eugene just slandered her daughter. The woman insists that he promised to love Christina and have nothing to do with the official wife. Yet, the question about the visits oleinichenko to son is not resolved. “I want to see his child. He grew up with his mother,” – said the heroine of the program.