Светодиодные лампы МЕГАВАТТ

Incandescent lamp gradually fading. They are short-lived, burn out at the most inopportune moment, very hot and have many other disadvantages. Modern technology gave us led devices that justifiably begin to occupy a leading position.

Светодиодные лампы МЕГАВАТТ

Help about the led lamps and the best manufacturer

Properties of products, allowing you to select them for any home or other premises can be broken down into a few points:

  • A long service life. Some manufacturers deliberately overstate the lifetime to impress clients — they write about 40 thousand hours of service or more. In fact, such products are on average 25 thousand hours — that in itself is already impressive so inflating makes no sense.
  • Environmental friendliness and safety. Unlike mercury lamps, LEDs do not contain in its composition of harmful chemicals that can adversely affect the human condition. And therefore does not require special conditions for use and disposal. Smash the light bulb is not so simple — so that the danger of cuts in the process of assembling or dismantling is reduced to zero.
  • High quality of light. In any home, this point is very important. Led lamps provide bright and soft light without glare or flicker, which reduces eye strain. This is the perfect solution for everyday business, documents. It’s easy to put these devices in children’s rooms where the child for long periods of time working on homework.
  • Low level of consumption: it is 9 times lower than that of incandescent lamps. If you replace all the bulbs in the house with led, after a month there will be noticeable savings on utilities. In conditions when the electricity is constantly going up, this item can not but rejoice.
  • It is most advantageous to buy from the manufacturer — this guarantees an optimal price, as well as additional opportunities for discounts. Plus work with the manufacturer allows us to count on the highest quality. The company itself is liable before the client for all aspects of cooperation, there are no intermediaries, and therefore, the responsibility rests with the firm. To buy led bulbs is most advantageous to contact the shop “Megawatts”. Marketplace is officially OOO “Megasvet”, providing its customers with a great product range and great prices. But about all under the order.

    Светодиодные лампы МЕГАВАТТ

    What you can find in the catalog?

    If to take for a basis the indicators of power, the buyers can purchase products at 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 VT. Buy for the first time? Then a small capacity articles should not confuse you. So, 12 W led devices correspond to 100W incandescent lamps. And all products are on pedestals. In this case, two basic options are available: E14 and 27. The variety of these items allows you to pick up lamp for any lamp and any lamp which is used in home, light will not occur.

    As for forms, here too there are no problems. When you buy you can focus on the three most common solutions:

  • The classical form.
  • Ball.
  • Candle.
  • During production is taken into account a variety of lighting under each form requires its own solution, but because the production is focused on maximum choice, which is so important for the buyer.
    Great range with an impressive selection is not the only benefit of cooperation with the manufacturer. Shop “Megawatts” offers its clients and flexible price policy.

    Светодиодные лампы МЕГАВАТТ

    Prices and savings: available to everyone

    The store presents the basic price options — that means so much is the product if it was purchased retail. The minimum price for the summer of 2017 is 60 rubles, and a maximum of 80 rubles. The most expensive in this case, the lamp power of 12 watt and a cap to E27. However, this is not all that is to say on the cost of products. The company offers individual approach to each client. The more products purchased, the greater it turns off. Large wholesale allows you to save money party.

    All products sold by the company “Megawatt”, Packed in a personalized box with the detailed information which can be useful to the client. For the convenience of the box are packing — they can include a hundred or fifty products, the specific number depends on the model. On the website you can find all the necessary information. Each listing has a detailed description so that the customer will immediately understand the characteristics and possibilities of purchase. And if you have any questions, you can always contact with experienced managers.

    Delivery and payment of goods

    When ordering led bulbs for the sum of 20 thousand rubles customers can count on free delivery in Moscow within MKAD and TTK. You can pick up the goods and the company’s own warehouse in the capital. Our products are also distributed — for this purpose the company uses the services of transport companies which carry out transport by trucks or railway transport. The timing and ability to pick up the goods discussed with the client beforehand, so that in the process no question is left unanswered.

    The non-cash payment — after registration the managers of the bill, and therefore the client account transfers the funds to the account of the company. Everything happens quickly and conveniently.

    “Megawatt” is a company which is already not the first year on the market. Very high quality products suggests that a large portion of clients come back for shopping again and again. The production uses the most advanced technology, so customers can be assured of safety, reliability and durability of products. All led lamps made according to current rules, and this fact is confirmed by the necessary documents, certificates. And the official website of the company allows in minutes to find the necessary items and leave the application to be processed as quickly as possible.