Ведущая «Орла или решки» стала копией Ким Кардашьян
Maria Ivanova asked the reality star to take her to the family.

Maria Ivanova

Photo: Instagram.com

Earlier in the masquerades most popular character was Marilyn Monroe. The times are changing. Now it is fashionable to be Kim Kardashian. And the way the reality star is used as those who want to make fun of scandalous and fans, in fact, dreaming to become like her. Which category considers himself the host of “heads or tails” — Maria Ivanova not known. But it is in the way Kim had attended a party in one of capital clubs.

In order to become a copy of American stars, the presenter had become a platinum blonde. “Dear Kardashian, take in the family. How do you like the transformation?” — asked by Maria from friends in the microblogging. Those frankly admitted that she was unrecognizable, but the similarities with the transatlantic star, unfortunately (or fortunately?) was not achieved. “Rather… Monica Bellucci!” — answered users of social networks “Mache Kardashian”.

Recall that recently the show “heads or tails” left Natalie Nevedrova. Leading admitted that he could not bear the separation from his little daughter. “Due to the busy schedule, the constant travel over the last six months I was able to see his daughter only five times! I’m leaving for Marie-Nicole. Last trip was very difficult for me. Is difficult to endure such a long separation from the child. Leaving the house, I cried all the time…” she confessed 7days.ru. The project took Regina todorenko.