Внук Аллы Пугачевой поставил на место фанатов своей бабушки
Nikita Presnyakov went to drastic measures after a conflict in social networks.

Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: Social Networks

Nikita Presnyakov continues to work hard to be “the grandson of Alla Pugacheva”, and an independent artist. Recently, the leader of the rock band Multiverse staged among its subscribers in social networks “sweep”. What does it mean? Nikita was asked to leave his account are all fans of his famous relatives working in the genre of “pop”. To remain in the ranks of the fans, he only asked for those who are interested in alternative music that he writes.

“Dear people are older, my content has profanity, and any trash that you may not understand and to react negatively. To avoid misunderstandings and hard feelings as we don’t want to offend anyone, I put this ad — written by Nikita. — This does not mean that I somehow belong to you, just many people here probably came here because you signed my family and somehow try to associate me with that crowd, but I have my own parties, their own cockroaches in my head, I’m doing another area in music and support a different subculture. Of course you will not understand me until the end… but I often don’t understand why these grown men are watching to see how I can drink, swear and just be yourself, the way I was with for 11 years, as soon as rock and metal got into my player. While many “older” then begin to teach me what is good and what is bad. ., But boiling!”

The method was a bit rough, but effective. After offended the fans of Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite “unsubscribed” from Presnyakov Jr., he closed his page from public access. Now his life and work will be able to follow only the most devoted fans. By the way, very soon, Nikita will premiere their debut album. Work on it, according to Presnyakov, passed without the support of parents, than he is very proud of. By the way, the last single he recorded after receiving a serious leg injury. To the music Studio he reached for the crutches.