Ведущая «Орла и решки» попала в страшную аварию за рубежом Machine with a film crew capsized in New Zealand. Most affected Lesya Nikityuk – telediva really hurt my nose. The video, shared the girl in the microblog, it is clear that she is very scared.

      Today, March 22 affected employees of the popular show “heads and tails. Heaven and hell”. The car, which was carrying a lead Lesya Nikityuk overturned. The blonde barely able to cope with the emotional shock, directly to the scene to record a video message to the fans.

      “Friends, the first time we had an accident. As a whole group. The car now lies on its side. Here you can watch. Everything is alive, everything is fine. I hike a broken nose. I don’t feel it. Everything is fine. Nose is probably broken. So fine” – hardly said the victim.

      Fearful fans immediately left many comments in the Network. The followers asked darling to be more careful and more attentive, and wished her to recover soon.

      “Hold on. Thank God that everything worked out. Lesechko, we’re worried about you. Better”, “Damn, guys, scared. Good that no injuries and all living things. Lesechko such a frightened, trembling voice, I almost burst into tears”, “really Scared! Well, that all went well. Our thoughts are with you”, “you Guys are alive, move. The wounds heal. My God, that’s terrible. Take care of yourself. Speedy recovery to you. Les, very worried,” “Hold on! Guys, we love you and look every day for a few of your gear! Be well!” – said members.

      Note that this is not the first case when the leading “heads and tails” have to go to the doctors abroad. Last year, Regina todorenko was in the hospital due to food poisoning. The girl ate too much spicy food at the national competition. On competition conditions the media personality would have to eat several pounds of burgers with pepper to win a thousand dollars.

      Regina todorenko in trouble abroad

      “A few days, I suffered from stomach pain, we flew to Mexico, where I completely fell ill. Had to call the doctors. About translation difficulties will not tell, as the Mexicans, and all Latinos only speak Spanish, and my Spanish has not yet reached perfection. The only thing I understand: “you Have an infection, a high fever, an enema wouldn’t hurt, but everything can be fixed with medication,” – said Todorenko in the social network.