Artist “Mary Poppins, goodbye” Lembit ulfsak died after an illness

Артист «Мэри Поппинс, до свидания» Лембит Ульфсак скончался после болезни The famous actor passed away in Estonia. He was 69 years old. Social media users can’t believe in the death movie star and remember his most striking roles. Relatives and friends of Lembit Ulfsak accept condolences.

      Артист «Мэри Поппинс, до свидания» Лембит Ульфсак скончался после болезни

      Today it became known that on 70-m to year of life has died actor and Director Lembit ulfsak. An elderly man died in Estonia. According to local journalists, movie star for a long time suffered from a severe illness.

      Users of social networks recall the most famous actor and wish him to rest in peace. So, the memory of the celebrity has honored actress and Director Julia Aug. At the moment it is removed in the Estonian film together with the son of star Johan. “Today we talked a lot about it, not knowing that today he died,” shared a woman in social networks. Fans Aug left many reviews to its publication. “What a waste”, “The terrible news”, “Leave legend movie”, “Amazing til, charming Panagal and many more beautiful faces… Very sad,” “Favorite, beautiful, talented”, “it Hurts that he left so early… In 69 years”, “Time”, and discussed the Internet users.

      In addition, their memories of the famous actor shared a film critic Anton Dolin.

      “Gone Lembit ulfsak, unforgettable Thiel. The ashes of Klaas knocked in his heart. I will never forget his face close up on the screen of the cinema “Friendship” in my childhood. I then cinema, in General, rarely watched. And it is etched in my memory forever,” — wrote the journalist.
      Артист «Мэри Поппинс, до свидания» Лембит Ульфсак скончался после болезни

      The condolences on the death star was joined by radio host Ksenia Larina. The woman sincerely admired the talent of the artist.

      “Always with such sadness breaking up with your favorite actors of our youth! Lembit ulfsak special. Other. Foreigner! I remember I always wanted to hear his real voice (all Soviet films, Baltic actors dubbed to Russian, so there are no Western accents). And when he did, he was absolutely fascinated by…Bright memory,” said Larin.
      Артист «Мэри Поппинс, до свидания» Лембит Ульфсак скончался после болезни

      The publication Lembit Ulfsak, also made by the Estonian leading Boris Gorsky. He believed the artist an excellent conversationalist and always great to play man. “Was a good man. Repeatedly communicated. Very intelligent in some situations, very funny obscene in others. But always talking to him was easy. No “legend”… Yet, Paganel!” — says the man in one of his social networks.

      Lembit ulfsak was born in 1947 to a goal in the Estonian village of Koeru. Russian audience, the actor famous thanks to roles in such films as “TASS is authorized to declare…”, “Mary Poppins, goodbye”, “the Legend about tile” “Death under a sail” and “the Children of captain Grant”. It should be noted that ulfsak also been a Director. His works include the painting “the Joy of middle age” and “the Secret of the lamb.”