Ляйсан Утяшева о браке: «Не стоит таить обид друг на друга» TV presenter and gymnast taking part in a new show “Alexei Nemov and sports Legends 1996-2016”, which will premiere on 16 September in the sport Palace “Megasport”. “StarHit” talked with Laysan Utyasheva and learned how she manages so much time to it, and also talked with the star about raising a son and daughter and her relationship with her husband.

      Ляйсан Утяшева о браке: «Не стоит таить обид друг на друга»

      TV presenter of the project “Dancing on TNT” Laysan utiasheva amazes his fans with the ability to do everything: raise children, to work on TV, engage in online project “Will Power” and take part in the new show. Very soon the audience will see famous gymnast in the production of “Alexei Nemov and sports Legends 1996 – 2016” . “StarHit” talked with Rosie on the eve of its premiere and found out why she decided to participate in the show, and asked the star about family life and children.

      “I’m extremely respected Alexei Nemov as an athlete. So always support all his most grandiose ideas, as we are one big football family, the family of gymnasts and associates. We promote the sport to the masses. I could not abandon this show, and will be even if I have a sore leg or a fever. The most important thing for me is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and philosophy of dance,” said Rosie “StarHit”.
      Ляйсан Утяшева о браке: «Не стоит таить обид друг на друга»

      Utiasheva says that cannot give yourself the right to feel sorry for myself and fall into depression, since it takes a lot of energy. Together with her husband Paul Will they handle the online project, which helps people to stay in good shape and not spend a lot of time on training. “Power of Will” explains to Internet users, how to set yourself up in a positive way, and start the process of losing weight and develop body flexibility.

      While Rosie is on the road, Robert and Sophia remain under the care of dads, and grandparents. Utiasheva told “StarHit”, why they Paul not show pictures of children on social networks, like other star parents.

      “We protected children from cameras and camcorders because they are irresponsible age, respectively, cannot say they want to be photographed or not. As soon as Robert and Sophia reach adulthood, or at least 12 years and willing to put in the accounts in social networks all the baby pictures with mom and dad, of course, they will be able to do it. The only thing at the moment, we are trying to lobby for our children, shielding them from too much attention. We don’t yet understand how they want this attention. They decide in the future,” said Rosie.
      Ляйсан Утяшева о браке: «Не стоит таить обид друг на друга»

      Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva familiar 12 years. During this time they were able to get to know each other. According to the leader, in their relations there is no place of jealousy. “I respect her husband, and he respects me. And he understands that if I chose him, he is the only man who can be my life,” admitted Rosie.

      If a family problem arises, the couple always discuss it, look for a solution together. “We need to talk. In any case it is not necessary to conceal grievances and gloss over something, as then formed a misunderstanding”, – such advice was given utiasheva all couples. Thanks to full mutual understanding, Laysan and Pasha are still experiencing the feelings that arose between them at the beginning of their romantic relationship.

      “Parting ways even benefits. We are both very strong people and are leaders. Accordingly, the distance of our feelings are very strongly heated. In all our meetings after a two-day separation, we like to re-fall in love with each other, have romantic dinners, even despite the insane tiredness,” said utiasheva.