Михаилу Терехину грозит тюремное заключение Participant of “House-2” told the police on the former hero of the controversial project. According to star of Hope telestroke Sokolovskiy, Mikhail Terekhin beat her and threatened with physical violence.

      Михаилу Терехину грозит тюремное заключение

      Community “House-2” disturbed by the message that Mikhail Terekhin threatened with detention. The businessman is accused of beating member of telestroke. 21-year-old Hope Sokolowski filed the man’s statement to the police.

      The girl says that the party in Moscow ended for her multiple injuries. Member of telestroke rested in General of the company Mikhail Terekhin. At some point men went down to the sauna, and she stayed upstairs.

      “We have long corresponded Direct in Instagram. Then we met in a cafe and began to chat, he even asked me to negotiate with producers to take on the project. One time we went to the cottage in the suburbs, was in the company of his friends. They are very a lot of drinking in the sauna, screaming, something beaten and dropped. Several times I went to them and said that they were quiet”, – told about the beginning of the fateful night, Hope.
      Михаилу Терехину грозит тюремное заключение

      The girl regretted that turned out to be a total company with Michael. She soon retired to the room where they wanted to retire, to avoid possible conflicts. However, Teryokhin found it and began to show aggression.

      “After a while I came into the room and Michael began to threaten me that if I communicate with someone on the project and build relationship, I will be very bad. He grabbed my hair and started to throw around the room. The next morning I came back in tears and I had to tell the producers,” — said Sokolowski Hope.

      Meanwhile, he Terekhin denies his guilt. Michael says that he has no relationship to the statement to the police, which filed the participant “Houses-2”. Moreover, he admits that he doesn’t even know Hope.

      “This whole situation is fictional, I did not beat the girl, — tells the publication, “Life.ru” man. Who’s Hope Sokolowski? I still nobody called law enforcement.”

      Despite this, the Internet was published a group photo of participants of the conflict. In the picture Terekhin gently embracing Sokolowski. Fans of the controversial reality show, consider this photo evidence of Dating couples. They are outraged by the statement by Michael and are closely monitoring the situation.