Victoria Dayneko mind that the husband is younger than her

Викторию Дайнеко смущает, что муж младше нее The singer suffers from a complex because of the age. Cheryl Cole admitted that before she was surrounded by older people, and now she often deals with those who are younger, and this number includes the spouse star Dmitry Kleiman.

      Victoria Dayneko for over ten years, is a popular singer that is known all over the country. In 2004 yakutyanka with a strong and clear voice became a participant of the show “star Factory 5” under the direction of Alla Pugacheva, which she won. Since Victoria pleases fans with new songs and frequent tours.

      Over time, however, BC started to realize that the years are passing. Star noticed that it is often surrounded by people of younger age, whereas before she spent time with older friends or mentors. Moreover, the husband of Victoria, the drummer Dmitry Kleiman, about seven years younger than her.

      “In General, it is a strange feeling or even complex content. When you were the youngest of all school time in the house of culture, early in his career, and you’re so amused, and then suddenly even my husband is younger than you, and boys and girls like even your age sometimes when you meet say: “I listened to your songs or I’m rooting for you on the “star Factory” when I was a kid(im)”. At what point do you turn from youngest to oldest? And most importantly, why?” – shared experiences of Victoria.

      Interestingly, subscribers will the stars support their favorite. Many of them admitted that this experience.

      “I’m 35 in a month, and in the soul all the same 17. And Yes! “Layla” is still one of my favorite songs, the Time flies very fast. Itself in shock,” “every year I feel younger. Just a girl. Here recently thought that my daughter in November, will be 16. Well, just what a birthday coming up. Figure 16 before the brain came from… the Realization was sudden! As 16? Me too, 16”, “we are All children at heart! Not passport age thing, but how old you feel” – summed up the fans Daineko in the comments to her post.

      Meanwhile, a significant difference in age between Victoria and her husband Dmitri can really help the pair in finding harmonious relationships. Numerologist Vyacheslav Denisenko foretold what we should expect Dayneko and Kleiman from marriage.

      Victoria Dayneko told about the change

      “Life code Dmitry – 268246 – indicates introvert, does not tolerate objections. Victoria – 336314 – on the contrary, extrovert, eager to be the center of attention, able to achieve goals and earn money. Conflict of interest is inevitable, but the age difference makes all the difference. Kleiman is young and ready to obey the woman,” said numerologist “StarHit”.