Ларри Биркхед рассказал о нелёгкой судьбе отца-одиночки

This is a very sad story. Larry Birkhead, father of the only daughter of deceased Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith, said in a recent interview about how he lives with nine of Danielynn.

In 2007, Anna Nicole Smith was found dead. Death was due to drug overdose. Shortly before the tragedy in the life of a celebrity was a real drama – suddenly, she lost her first-born, eldest son. With his death, Nicole has lost the desire to live, and even the little girl did not please her. After the death of the mother of the little Dannielynn remained with his father.
The other day Larry appeared live on “The Steve Harvey Show”, during which he said that the life of a single father – an unenviable fate.

“Of course, our situation differs from normal, but I try to make it as normal as possible. She goes to school like an ordinary schoolgirl, she is a scout organization, I would encourage it. We try to live a normal life, but people are always interested in the life of Dannielynn, they ask what life is like without Anna Nicole. Well what can I say? On still hard without my mom, but I’m sure in that light she would be so proud of what a good girl growing in her daughter. Danielynn understand that mom was famous, and it is not very surprising that she can see on the cover of the magazine himself, me or his mother” — said Larry.

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