Tom Hiddleston is going to marry Taylor swift

Том Хиддлстон собирается жениться на Тэйлор Свифт

How? Already? Lovers Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston are ready to raise their relationship to a new level. Sources close to the celebrities, to report that very soon the actor and singer will be the bride and groom.

Том Хиддлстон собирается жениться на Тэйлор Свифт
“Tom is the man of her dreams. It’s so romantic, gentle and gallant, and doing it right” — said the source, saying that a Grand gesture is yet to come.

“Tom is planning to make an offer hands and hearts in the near future” — they admit.
35-year-old Briton and his new squeeze together a little over a month and it’s time for them like a kaleidoscope – in addition to regular travels around the world sweet couple has already met each other’s parents.
“She will definitely say Yes to him. She is so in love with him, that her consent, even no doubt” — said the source.

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