Larissa Kopenkina was given the name Prokhor Chaliapin

Лариса Копенкина присвоила фамилию Прохора Шаляпина Despite the divorce with the singer, businesswoman still aware of what was happening in his life. It seems, the woman hopes that the relationship with Prokhorov may be resumed, so in one of the social networks she changed her last name to the name of the former spouse.

      Лариса Копенкина присвоила фамилию Прохора Шаляпина

      In 2014, Larisa Kopenkina divorced Prokhor Chaliapin. The married businesswoman, and singer broke up due to the fact that the stars of the scene has a new sweetheart Anna Kalashnikova, which later gave him a son. Chaliapin, however, was not destined to be happy with a young model. Prokhorov was going to marry the girl, and they even planned a wedding, but the marriage did not take place. It became known that the son Kalashnikova is not the biological child of Chaliapin. After this news, the singer broke off relations with the girl. Prokhor Shalyapin: “No the wedding is off”

      Larissa Kopenkina initially believed that Anna is cheating Prochorus and doesn’t fit. The news about the breakup of the singer with the model gave hope businesswoman of the fact that their relationship with a young man can recover. Larisa in one of the social networks once again took the surname of ex-spouse “Shalyapin”. Now the subscribers page of the ex-wife of actor you see in news feed posts and photos from Lara the video recording / editing.

      Many fans of Larissa believe that Prokhorov should regret, as it failed to hold the former spouse. “Chaliapin in the shower biting his elbows and would like to return, just the publicity for him above all, Super woman! Prokhorov – a hat, a woman lost”, “Prokhor is not her man. This lady needs more than held the man and not so young. Young wind in the head”, – such comments are left on pages Kopenkina in social networks.

      By the way, when Larisa was married to Shalyapin, she really changed my name and even showed the public a new passport. However, subsequently, the woman worked under the name four years. Businesswoman never goes on about the men, always listens only to himself. While parting with Prokhorov it is very dignified. “I’m a grown woman and was happy before him, I will after”, – commented on the divorce, Chaliapin, Larisa.

      The phenomenon of Larissa Kopenkina: how to become a star, not applying to this effort

      Fans marvel at the vitality and optimism Kopenkina, which recently celebrated 60 years of age. Probably the whole secret of a happy life of an entrepreneur – the motto “My life, my rules! Sunrises want meet, want night – disappear and none of you interfere!”.

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