Daughter Dmitry Peskov twisted new novel

Дочь Дмитрия Пескова закрутила новый роман She found happiness in the arms of a new boyfriend. Elizabeth Peskov living mostly in Paris, where studies and works. Just six months ago, the daughter of press Secretary of the President of Russia accepted the offer of marriage from a former young man.

      Дочь Дмитрия Пескова закрутила новый роман

      More recently, 17-year-old daughter press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth was going to go down the aisle with her partner Yuri Meshcheryakov. However, the wedding was to take place in the near future, and in about five years. The young people had intended to go down the aisle then when they become more independent. But, apparently, their dreams of eternal love did not come true. Now the daughter of the press Secretary found happiness in the arms of a new lover, and all pictures with an ex-boyfriend removed from the social network.

      Now microblog Elizabeth is filled with images of virile young men. They have fun together. But, nevertheless, it does not seek to spread about their new chosen one.

      Дочь Дмитрия Пескова закрутила новый роман

      She is now living virtually in the two cities. She is in Paris, where her mother lives, but very often arrives in Moscow.

      Elizabeth tries to live a life of an ordinary teenager and admits that a few days a week works as a consultant in one branded boutique in Paris. The girl shares his impressions about his work in the microblog.

      About the relationship of Elizabeth and her former lover Yuri spoke after the Ball Debutantes magazine Tatler. There, the journalists learned about the seriousness of the relationship between a girl and a young man. He made her an offer of marriage, which she gladly accepted. The mother of a student supported her daughter’s decision about the wedding.

      “We are all very serious. I’m not one of those who thinks for the future, but the important thing is that now I’m with this person very well, he supports me, fits me in all respects, confessed in an interview with Elizabeth. – Our first meeting was fabulous. We met in Italy, quite by accident. It’s really fate, I think”.

      It seemed that in his personal life the girl is all right, but in less than six months in the life of Elizabeth has a new young man.

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