Лариса Рубальская ошеломила признанием о личной жизни The poet decided on a candid conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva. Larisa Rubalskaya made a sensational statement in the show “the Secret to a million.” As it turned out, the celebrity century secret that has been married twice.
Лариса Рубальская ошеломила признанием о личной жизни

72-year-old Larisa Rubalskaya became the heroine of a new edition of “the Secret to a million”, which will show in the NTV this Saturday. The poet revealed his secrets to leading Lera Kudryavtseva. As the press service of the channel, the heroine of this program will make a sensational confession about his personal life.

According to official information, Larissa A. was married only once, but as it turned out, this information is not true. In the TV show poet to speak about his first marriage, which she carefully concealed for over 50 years. Ex-husband broke my heart. That is why she preferred not to talk about this relationship, not wanting to attract too much attention. In the show “the Secret” one million Rubalskaya tell, what were her ex-lover and where he is now.

“Actually it was awful,” says the poet in an intriguing announcement.
Лариса Рубальская ошеломила признанием о личной жизни

Will go it and about the second husband Rubalskaya. It was the dentist David Rosenblatt, who later became the producer of the star. The couple lived together for more than 30 years. David tried to maintain throughout the second half and was a rock for her throughout. He was engaged in the organization of evenings and came up with possible scenarios and concluded contracts and in contact with the sponsors and artists. Rubalskaya so much trust Rosenblatt that he first showed his works. The doctor was confident in the talent of the lady and advised her not to stop.

24 may 2009 the life of Rosenblatt broke. A man has died after a long illness at the age of 70 years, a day after his birthday. The couple never had children together. Rubalskaya tells how she and her husband experienced the lack of successors, and the loss of a loved one. Fans will learn who helped the celebrity to go through a terrible loss.

“Larissa frankly, as saved from loneliness after the death of the man she loved: to tell the audience about the newfound daughter, Grand-nephew who considers her his grandmother, and closest friend, the housekeeper, which the poet does not deny anything,” – said in the announcement of the transfer.

In addition, Larisa Alekseevna will reveal the secrets of their famous songs. Once Alexander Malinin refused song “Vain words”. Rubalskaya explain why it happened, and recognized how much of Irina Allegrova paid for the hit “real”.