Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви May 25 Sergei Shnurov said about the separation with his wife Matilda. However, fans of the star couple still don’t believe that a couple will divorce.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

For eight years he and Matilda Shnurova was considered to be one of the most prominent couples of the Russian show-business. He called her his Muse and devoted wife songs. The very same young woman not shy about talking about some of the problems in the relationship with the chosen one. Anyway, it seemed that they are perfectly happy, so the news about the imminent divorce came as a shock to fans. “StarHit” recalls the most striking quotes of the spouses of love, infidelity, divorce.


Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

Their acquaintance took place in 2006. Matilda immediately realized that their meeting was a providential and not accidental.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“This first short meeting with Sergei reminded some conoscano, and we instantly started talking to each other, people around us started to drop the glasses, for some reason, went out and lit the bulb, everything sparkled. And it’s all around noticed”.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“The main my prize I got when I met you. Lucky” – later said Cords.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

The relationship began immediately, but the future spouses had only to meet again, to understand how deep their feelings are. After passing the honeymoon period, they almost immediately began to live together, and in 2010 got married.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“She has a magic fish soup. She always takes care of me. What I say to the wife of such care? I love her. This is enough, and even more abundantly… Why are we together? It really is incredible. It is very strange that we are together, but it happened. And she has such wonderful curly hair, by which I could not pass,” – said the musician at the presentation of the book by Maxim Melaka “Leningrad. The incredible and true story of the band.”
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“We are with each other so well, clear and comfortable that sometimes there is a feeling that Sergei one, is unclear, where do you end and another begins. The most important and interesting thing in a relationship is when they you change the way you wasn’t supposed to. And of course, curious even in two-four-five years of marriage to open in man some new features” – so romantic Mathilde characterized their relationship.


Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

In an interview, Matilda admitted that at the age of 13 years, would listen to the songs of the group “Leningrad”. Then she even could not imagine that will marry the soloist of the popular group. Life with a creative person has never been easy for her, but I think the young woman has never regretted about the made choice.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“Even a proposal of marriage was not romantic: he proposed to get married, trying to find in the fridge sausage,” once told Matilda.

Cords, which was never romantic, the wife came up with funny nicknames and constantly surprised her with his unexpected antics.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“Grandmother – one of the incarnations. I call her a woman. A lot of funny nicknames. Like something to wrap”.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

Despite the growing popularity of the team, he always wanted to hurry back to his wife. He showered her with expensive gifts and made a touching confession.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“Matilda, it seems that I prefer to do my own thing. I always convince her otherwise. It is a dialectical balance”, – said Sergei in an interview with YouTube channel “decided Not to discuss it”.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“You are a wonderful sample of the rare today qualities as sincerity, honesty, kindness, wit, and irony. And let the years these qualities in you only grow stronger. Due to the fact that you’re so insanely talented and such, we all have your music – all of these hymns of joy and pills from any sorrow” – a touching answered Matilda on Instagram.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

Finding personal happiness, the Cords began to talk about love and loyalty to their family. For many fans it was a complete surprise, because early man was much more harsh in his statements.

Sergey Shnurov: “Is sex don’t even remember!”

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“For me, in love everything is allowed, it can overcome any obstacles. If not, then it wasn’t. I, for one, adore their kids, wife – generally a separate issue. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, due to my constant travel, but remain always connected”.

Special attention of fans was always awarded to the poems of Sergey devoted wife. He was not ashamed to confess my love to her in songs and on social networks, again and again emphasizing how the chosen one has changed his life.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“But with you, my path was bright. I praise the day, year, Hour when I met you, And dictated a pin,” wrote Cords.

It seemed that the love Sergey and Matilda will be unshakable. However, their family always had certain problems that the couple chose not to advertise.


Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“He drank and was in complete disarray. At some point our relationship travelled into an absolute abuse. After the tour he could come up with some regular sidekick, with booze, I hit the bottle, he could slam the door and go somewhere. In the end, he met a girl who was giving him a tour of Germany, they began some kind of relationship, about the novel I didn’t like an idiot,” recalled his wife on the pages of the book “Leningrad. The incredible and true story of the band.”
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

Sergei never denied that living with him difficult. The popular actor is always surrounded by temptations, but in spite of that, he still came home to Matilda.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“Anywhere’s good for me. The only thing is always home draws. No matter the West or Moscow. I do not care. The home is the Petersburg. I have a wife, a cat, a coffee machine,” said the artist.

No secret he and his infidelity. According to Shnurov, the United States tried to control him, which caused him tenderness.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“Wife from time to time use the phone, – Sergey writes on his page in the social network. – Controls under the guise that the videos and photos are going straight, but I do not mind. “Male” my nature needs supervision. Today in the morning, picking up the phone, I suddenly found that such a touching screensaver, this a lovely photo of our cat Vasya. Yes, women certainly make the world if not better, then just prettier” – shared man.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

According to the young women, to live next to a famous musician, whose sensitive nature means to adapt to it.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“We need to cut off the resentment and sense of injustice towards themselves, and to cling to the feeling of love, and invest in the situation, and do, come what may,” explained Matilda.

Despite all the problems, the couple continued to maintain status as a successful and happy couple. The only thing they preferred not to talk – children.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“We both don’t really burn for it. I do not feel this disgust, can’t say that it’s a little creep, but there’s no commitment,” said Matilda in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“We especially don’t talk, not think. I believe that the children should think when you got… Say, we have now two hundred and fifty square meters, right? Now, if five hundred, then (…) is. And now we are just with them not disperse. The two of us here too heavy,” the track said the musician.


May 25, 2018 Sergey Shnurov said in Instagram about the divorce with his wife. This news came as an absolute surprise to his fans.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“With great regret, but by love and gratitude to each other, preventing all sorts of speculation and rumors, we inform Mathilde that made the decision to divorce”.

A couple of days Matilda was silent, but after finally decided to speak.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“I never expected to receive such support from a complete stranger to me because, honestly and without any coquetry, hard to believe its at least some importance next to the really big. Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot, they will rest for a while. And do not hurt Sergei, though he is great, but delicate and vulnerable,” shared the feelings of Matilda.

Cords but chose to pour out his feelings in verse. His romantic message addressed to the wife, left fans hope that the star couple will still be able to solve the conflicts and make peace.

Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви“Now let me very painful. I’m hurt, maybe killed. And oozing blood between the stitches. Houellebecq? Flashback? Or somersault? I am glad that bright, juicy. There is no error, I will not consider. I have something to remember this night,” wrote the musician.
Шнур и Матильда поговорили о любви

Later Sergey has even decided to give my wife a new song. Song suddenly turned shrill, and her lines were clearly addressed to Mathilde.

“And people scream, Tears flowing in streams From the eyes of the girls, But I miss you. Think… think of you. And will not put my Duma”.

In the romantic story of Sergey and Matilda had still not come to an end. The couple definitely have feelings for each other, and hence their strange and colorful tales can still be a happy ending.

Based on the L’officiel, Tatler, Cosmopolitan, sobakawa.