Лариса Гузеева заподозрила мужа в измене
The TV presenter was on the verge of divorce.

Larisa Guzeeva with her husband and Ivan Urgant

Larissa guzeyeva told in the program “Smak” with Ivan Urgant on a recent family conflict. According to the presenter, looking at the list of social networking friends of his wife — Igor Bukharov, she came across “lady”, which she didn’t like. Guzeeva went for explanations to her husband, but he was unable convincingly to explain how a girl knows that Larissa is a suspicion of infidelity.

This was the reason for the outbreak of the scandal between Guzeeva and her husband, who, in recognition of the main matchmaker of the country, almost ended in a divorce. “The children involved in this story, I cried…” she confessed. However, the conflict in the couple were quickly exhausted. It is curious that Igor, who during the story of Larissa, was also in the Studio cooking show, to comment on this scandalous story does not become. By the way, the husband the TV presenter rarely the initiator of a family feud. According to Guzeeva she is “Holy” and did not give any reason for quarreling with her husband.

Recall that Larisa and Igor have been together for 19 years. However, romantic feelings between them still not out. “I have a physical need for Igor. Want to watch a movie together, arm in arm, four eyes, I’m interested to exchange opinions, to discuss something, and… well, I did, of course, love. For all its other merits, he is a very educated man, a polymath” — previously told Guzeeva.