Никита Джигурда впервые кардинально изменил имидж
The actor was unrecognizable.

Nikita Dzhigurda

Photo: @DZHIGURDA12 Twitter Nikita Dzhigurda

Jim Carrey recently gave up his “business card”. The artist suddenly decided to change its image. As it became known, at least shaved his beard and trimmed long hair. With any other representative of show-business are the changes in appearance would go unnoticed by fans. But not in the case of shocking, ” she said, “a distinctive feature” which has always been the beard and shaggy hair.

The transformed Dzhigurda literally blew up the social network. Many of his fans just could not believe what happened and questioned the identity of the person in the photo. Later, to prove that this is not a hoax, Nikita had to post a few portraits.

By the way, their experiments with the image, he began some time ago. But then it was limited to only those that ceased to dye your hair a fiery red color. That was the reason for such drastic changes in style nothing is known.

Incidentally, one of the photos the artist has signed as follows: “I the Army retired to create in love, love without rules…”