Американскую учительницу отчитали за сексуальные наряды

In one of the schools in Atlanta erupted serious scandal.

What stands before the eyes, when you hear the phrase “the teacher”? Serious, but at the same time, the good woman of advanced age with a gray jacket and skirt below the knee, with glasses and a cleaned beam of the hair. Just see another picture first-graders, whose classes are conducted by Patricia brown. This buxom babe prefers short dresses in slinky, tight jeans, tight impressive dimensions of the hips and outfits with animal print. There can be no learning!

Don’t know how to carefully listen to the instructions of Patricia her students, but their fathers at PTA meetings trying to catch every word of the girl, occasionally picking up a saliva. On MOP the rent on time.

By the way, in the network, brown has about 150 thousand subscribers, and most of them support her in the choice of outfits. However, there are those (mostly moms of students) who strongly recommends to change Patricia’s work wardrobe. Supposedly she distracts children from the educational process, and indeed all this is unethical, shameful.

By the way, the outfits, brown does not differ excessive vulgarity. She comes to school in a bikini or shorts, not wearing a leather corset and fishnets. Just nature has endowed her with such a figure, which even ordinary jeans look very sexy. Perhaps the only thing that could hide all the charm of the teacher, is a huge bag from under the potatoes. But she appeared in this way, children will definitely be busy.

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