Лариса Гузеева намекнула на расставание с супругом While recording one of the last editions of the show “let’s get married” presenter casually said that she currently lives with her husband. Earlier, the actress has repeatedly told me that she has her reasons to be jealous of a loved one. Apparently, spouses are not able to mutually resolve some issues.

      Larisa Guzeeva was surprised as a surprise to many of her fans statement. According to the presenter, now the husband of a woman, restaurateur Igor Bukharov, lives separately from his family. The reason why the couple decided to part Guzeeva not announced, but it was enough to cause concern among fans of the stars.

      Larisa Guzeeva found evidence of infidelity of her husband

      It is noteworthy that the artist did not focus the attention of Studio guests on a sharp topic, and talking about the husband came in the context of the story about Larissa’s daughter. Guzeeva remembered how once came home from work and there she was waiting for a mess. The indignant presenter start to sort things out with her daughter, trying to figure out why the apartment is not cleaned. The heiress actress threw the responsibility on the Pope. The celebrity said that immediately called the elect, and in this moment right added that Igor lives separately.

      “I’m calling my husband and asking why he was not cleared. Well, we now live separately. Asked why he ate and made a mess. He and Lelia all threw, well kids,” said Larissa.

      Guzeeva does not go into details of his relationship with the spouse. I must say, that in the autumn of Larissa admitted, as is its interaction with the chosen one. It turned out that she was very jealous of him and periodically checks the accounts in social networks.

      “The social network, for example, – said the presenter. – I check my husband’s phone, see who its subscribers will. And once there found this stuff! I immediately to Igor: “this maiden are you doing?” And he began to tell me that accidentally poked her, they’d removed. But the scandal we had, just before the divorce did not come! Children participated, cried and said: “Mom, don’t!”. And Igor to me no questions, because I’m practically a Saint.”

      Despite such revelations, Guzeeva never hinted that plans to part with her beloved. In editions of “let’s get married” Larissa periodically talked about her husband, their common problems and how they cope with conflicts in the family. That’s why the fans didn’t podozrevali that elected officials can make such a big decision. Celebrity has not given any detailed comments about the situation in his personal life.