Денис Косяков поставил сына на коньки Star of the TV series “the Island” on TNT went for a walk with the heir. Four-year-old is so enthusiastic about skiing that are interested in the profession of hockey. However, the boy sees every day in a new role.

      Денис Косяков поставил сына на коньки

      The heir of the actor, 4-year-old Denis mastered a new sport – figure skating. A platform for the debut of Denis Denisovich was an outdoor rink in the center of the Garden. Bauman, where daddy brought him over the weekend. Cozy atmosphere, soft music – what you need for a good mood and the first lesson.

      – Dad, when I grow up, I’m like the uncle skates to give away! This is so cool, – said the kid father, when he laced up his shoes.

      – Son, you are every five minutes to change the opinion: you want to be a superhero, a Builder, a waiter.

      After a couple of minutes both Denis put on the skates and stepped out cautiously onto the ice. Shoals-the senior showed some moves and fell. To my son was easier to stay on the ice, invited him to hold a toy penguin.

      Денис Косяков поставил сына на коньки

      Oh, I haven’t skated, nothing happens.

      – Denis, what say you for the first time standing on skates. The son is a great inventor, explained the Shoals, Sr.- this morning my wife reported that she graduated from the Institute, friends says I’m a rogue… We are his fantasies don’t stop it’s development. What can you do, I think philosophically: “the Guy is looking for you!”

      Денис Косяков поставил сына на коньки

      Later Denis Denisovich learned about another profession – hockey – and decided to go this route. After the ice rink actor son went to lunch at the cafe, where he ordered a favorite meatballs and hot soup. There be warmed, Jambs, Jr. was asked to bring it again on the ice tomorrow.

      We will remind, Denis Kosyakov rarely shared with fans details of family life and tries not to show son to strangers. However, for the “StarHit” the actor made an exception and took the baby out for a photo shoot together. A young father and his heir a lot in common – they love to fool around together, to have fun, to fantasize. A close family enthusiastically celebrated as the father and the son are strikingly similar.