Беременная Анна Седокова пожаловалась на тяжелое состояние The singer is difficult given the past months of waiting for a baby. Anna Sedokova told that he had angina treatment where there is nothing, as it prepares to become a mother. In addition, the star complained that he was getting tired very quickly, and at night it hurts shortness of breath.

      The former soloist of group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova, as you know, is preparing to become a mother for the third time. A large part of the pregnancy, the singer was easy. 34-year-old Sedokova actively worked a lot of time and even made a flight from America to Russia, to presume that her condition can not every woman.

      But the last stage of waiting for a baby, apparently, given the singer a very hard time. She often complains of subscribers microblog on discomfort during pregnancy, rapid fatigue and shortness of breath. Plus, Anna has angina, which does not know how to fight. For now, she should first of all think about the meds did not harm the child she is expecting.

      “That’s it. We tum surrender. In the evenings, very difficult to walk. Like the heavy man sat down and sits on your head. Ill, and almost nothing to drink. Sore throat and runny nose. Well, that temperature yet. Tell me, please, what were you fighting off a cold? And constantly stuffy. As suffocate. Especially at night. Window left open in the morning sore throat. Close – cold. What to do, I don’t know,” complained Anna Sedokova in the microblog.

      Fans of the singer immediately began to share with her their experiences of treatment during pregnancy. However, some still advised Anna not to look for cures on the Internet, and to go to the doctors that her condition is much safer and more logical.

      “Sore throat? Then only antibiotics. Go to the doctor”, “Need to humidify the air. At a humidity of 40-60% would be better to breathe. Maybe inhalations with saline solution (you need to moisten the mucosa)”, “get well soon! More vitamins in the form of fruit drinks, lemon tea, raspberry drink”, “Anna, hang in there! And go to the doctor will prescribe what you need. And get well soon!”, such comments leave the followers of Anna Sedokova.

      We will remind that soon the singer will be a boy. Anna Sedokova revealed the sex of the baby

      The name of the father of the child she carefully hides, because he feared to startle her happiness. At one of the events the star has promised fans that will tell all when fit. However, journalists managed to find out some details. According to several publications, Anna Sedokova is going to marry the chosen one, who is several years younger than her.