Бузова и Тарасов сцепились в Сети

Communication Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov would have to cease on the same day they signed the divorce papers. But there it was! Relationship the ex-spouses remained unclear. Again to do they tried a social network.

In Instagram the couple had a verbal argument, and the fact that this action was watched by one million subscribers their not confused.

Tarasov began with what is said about love of ex-wife to social networks and accused of a desire to collect as many “likes” at any cost.

Buzova not tolerate such attacks in the address and did not retorted the words of the player with questions about what after all was the reason for their parting: “Dmitry, can write, why we parted ways? Once you started writing! Tell how you cheated on me with “miscou”. As I drove with my mom out of the apartment after surgery??? How merged my correspondence to tarnish my honor?”

To answer these questions Dmitri did not, and instead suggested Olga to close the discussion of their relationship in public: “Olga, stop working for the audience! Life is not a theater and not a circus. I think we have everything figured out and discussed. Let’s stop fighting in public.”

Journalists tried to find out from your coach what followed that communication in social networks, but the player chose not to speak on this subject: “to Dig and to prove something to a person in the press or Instagram, I will not. All people are adults, and there is no need to publicly write my social networks. We talked about everything. Set point. Then everyone goes his own way. I wrote in my post, that was good times, but it happened. I wish you all the best of luck”.