Larisa Dolina plagues students

Лариса Долина изводит студентов

Singer Larisa Dolina as it is known, is also a Professor and the head of the Department of pop-jazz singing at the Moscow state Institute of culture. Many students are doing everything possible to get her to school, but is it a blessing – is not known. Some of the expelled and gone on their own to other students complained of a dictatorship is a negative artist.

So, the student of Alexander Forest said about predubezhdenie respect to the Valley to part-time students. Supposedly Larisa against such forms of training and believes that it does not give the proper amount of knowledge.
“I do not agree with this statement. We constantly receive practical skills – sing at events, in restaurants. Teachers in the classroom correcting our knowledge..
Larisa took us exam. Told me. I don’t sing – and point, with my teacher I highly value. In the end, Valley was expelled 8: 30 saying that we have no talent. To argue it is useless, and the Dean hold on to it as to a star and say that she is always right. I followed the advice and at the end of the semester transferred to another UNIVERSITY,” said a student.
Another student’s test from the Valley got sick, got intercostal neuralgia and had to be treated at home.
“It makes sense to learn from the Valley only when your handler with her friends. My she was afraid to say a word, when it is unjustly criticized me, and then expelled without the right to sublease,” said the student of Irina Sych.
However, there are satisfied with the training at the Valley, and on examination I advise you to choose a song of their abilities.
“The valley can’t sing jazz if you don’t know how. She exam – like casting, which is checked everything: the timbre, the purity of the voices. We must always be ready for criticism. If she doesn’t see the potential, that puts two, three then sees the student talent,” said Anna Melnikova, a student Valley.