95-year-old Prince Philip announced the retirement

95-летний принц Филипп объявил о выходе на пенсию

All admire the fact that your 91 year old Elizabeth Mohaney good spirits, she is still the ruling Queen of great Britain and, it seems, is that it does not intend to cede the throne to her grandson Prince William.

But we are at least delight is the husband of Her Highness the Prince Philip, who is currently 95 years old and which up to this time continued to actively work to perform public duties. But in the summer the Duke of Edinburgh intend to end active work and retire.

What is the pension of the husband of the Queen? Prince Philip will no longer be required to participate in various activities as required by the bylaws. It will become freer, because he will have to decide which triumph to him to accompany the Queen. Of course, family holidays it is unlikely to pass.
Note that at the moment, the Duke of Edinburgh is patron, President and a member of just 780 organizations in Britain. But after retirement he will continue to work actively in this field.

The Queen-mother to cease operations while that is not going to.