Large mom Megan Fox showed a figure in a racy negligee

Многодетная мама Меган Фокс показала фигуру в пикантном неглиже
The actress showed tremendous form.

Многодетная мама Меган Фокс показала фигуру в пикантном неглиже

31-year-old Megan Fox once again impressed their fans. Actress,
shared a couple of her photos in lace lingerie from Fredericks of Holluwood, the “face” where
she is aroused the admiration of the fans. For the first picture Megan
posed in a complete dark red color, and the second in blue. “You’re the
beautiful woman on Earth!”— so commented on a photo one of their fans
Fox. “It’s just amazing!!!”said the other. And they all recognized: almost
it is impossible to believe that could look like a woman who gave birth to three
children, the youngest of which was born just over a year ago.

Megan has every right to be proud of not only its
gorgeous figure, but also the children. All three and five year old Noah, and 3 year old
Journey, and so far only one-year-old Bodhi — gone to glory. Through
children’s photos, which recently shared Megan, fan of Actresses had
to make sure that they are real handsome and very similar to his
mother. They inherited a bright appearance of the mother and her stunning blue eyes.
It is curious that she and Megan look so much like your mother. Not surprisingly, one
of the images, which Fox has captured three generations of her family, she
signed: “Clones!»

As for the husband of the actress and the children’s father — Brian Austin green, he never
drops not offended by the fact that sons are absolutely not similar to him. Moreover,
as admitted some time ago Megan, he dreams that his wife gave birth to
him another child, this time a girl. But just two years ago
now the happy family was on the verge of complete collapse… we Recall that in 2015 the Fox
officially filed for divorce. But then, during a joint vacation, she and
Brian happened to the words of green, “casual sex”, and Megan was pregnant.
It has reconciled the spouses, and the divorce was stopped.

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