The producer suspected Sasha Savelyev in depression

Продюсер заподозрил Сашу Савельеву в депрессии
The singer was very weird.

Photo: Instagram

Very interesting dialogue took place between Sasha Savelyeva and producer of the group “Factory” Igor Matvienko.

“Igor, I haven’t done a photo in Instagram for a week…”— said Saveliev.
“Sasha, Yes, you have depression!”— exclaimed in horror producer.

The singer and her boss are friendly and constantly joking with each other. Sasha did not agree with the diagnosis that put her Matvienko, and said that if she was depressed, it publishes three photos a day.

According to the characteristics of Savelyeva and review, social networking, half of the domestic show business was suffering from depression. Itself Sasha is absolutely nothing to worry about. Girl successful at work and happy in personal life.

Before the New year the singer celebrated his 34th birthday. It is especially important that on the eve of the star published a joint photo with his stepdaughter who was younger than Sasha for 12 years, and fans said with certainty that the figure Savelyeva is many times better! Fans could be suspected of flattery, if the singer did not publish this photo without… heads’! The public voted for the piece, the soloist of “Factory”, not knowing where her body is, and her husband Kirill Safonov.