У Леди Гаги роман с таинственным незнакомцем

У Леди Гаги роман с таинственным незнакомцем

Famous American singer Lady Gaga came in 2020 with a new relationship. Initially, the singer arrived in one of the most expensive restaurants in Las Vegas, where he performed several songs, and after she went to the common room to continue to celebrate with the guests.

Eyewitnesses said that as soon as it was announced the chiming clock, Lady Gaga jumped from his seat and pounced with a passionate kiss on the strange young man. All night the lovers spent together, celebrating a holiday, and towards the morning they gathered together their belongings and got in the car, which belongs to the singer. The couple went in an unknown direction.

Unknown at this time what the mysterious stranger was with Lady Gaga on new year’s night. What’s his name and what is his profession, respectively, is also unknown. However, one of the us media claims that a mysterious stranger singer’s name is Michael. However, where do they get such information, is also unknown.

It is worth mentioning that Lady Gaga is not often enters into a serious relationship. The last novel that had a celebrity with an American audio engineer Dan Horton, lasted only three months. Lady Gaga said that the reason for the breakup was lack of seriousness Dan, he didn’t want to develop their romance. Therefore, the singer became the initiator of rupture.

Very interesting, who became the darling of this outrageous personality, I really hope that the name of the young man will soon be known to the public.

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