Знаменитости, которые родились в канун Нового Года и в первый день года!

3,2,1… happy Birthday to all the celebrities born in New Year’s eve and the first day of the year!!! These celebrities have something special to celebrate doubly fun because they were born in the moment of encounter of the globe of so-called “line change date”.
Sir Anthony Hopkins, British and American actor, born 31 Dec. The Wales star was still hard at work, even in his 82 years, currently starring in the drama “Two dads”, a biographical drama film based on the play by Anthony Makkartena “Dad” in 2017. Winner of the award “Oscar” for best male role of the second plan.
Gabrielle Douglas. Three-time Olympic champion, American gymnast born December 31, 1995.

Val Kilmer. The American actor is 60 years old on 31 December 2019. Actor was already two years struggling with serious illness – cancer of the throat. He continues to work despite his health problems, he appeared as the title character in the horror movie 2017 “Super”, and also played a small role and appeared in the film Michael Fassbender “the Snowman” in the same year. He also played a role in Iranian-American Comedy 2018 “First born”. In 2017, Kilmer admitted to the public that about two years of struggling with a serious illness, the struggle with which he supports his children 27-year-old Mercedes and the 23-year-old son Jack.
Elin Nordegren. Model of Swedish origin, the former wife of tiger woods (married from 2004 to 2010.) – January 1, was 40 years old.
PSY. South Korean singer, songwriter, performer of the world-famous hit “Gangnam Style” on 31 December was celebrating his 42nd Birthday! Gained wide popularity thanks to the humorous videos and live performances. In 2012 a video clip of his songs scored the highest number of views on the platform “You Tube”.
Paul Harold Westerberg. Vocalist and guitarist in the rock band “The Replacements” starts the decade, noting his 60-th birthday anniversary on December 31. After the collapse of the rock band he started his career as a solo artist.
Nicholas Sparks. The author of the books “a walk to remember”, “the notebook”, “Best in me”, “Choice” and several other romantic volume was born 31 December 1965.
Sir Ben Kingsley. On the eve of the New year, the distinguished British actor of theatre and cinema, and the articulation marks 76 years. The winner of the award “Oscar”, of Indian origin, was born in Sneinton, UK.
Lance Reddick. Known for his films “the Siege,” “I dreamed of Africa,” “John Wick,” as the American actor celebrates his 57th birthday on the eve of the New year.
Bebe Neuwirth. Theatrical singer should sing “happy Birthday” to herself, her December 31, turns 61.
Andrew Taggart. DJ Taggart, half of The Chainsmokers, probably going somewhere to have fun when he turns 30 years old on the eve of the New year.
Andy Summers. The police will not come after summers, who celebrates his 77th birthday on 31 December 2019.

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