Кэти Перри: как Орландо Блум спас ее от депрессии

Кэти Перри: как Орландо Блум спас ее от депрессии

Popular American singer Katy Perry tries on different unusual images. Recently she showed my pictures in the image of the doll and the other day there was a frame on the cover of Vogue magazine, where the singer is dressed in Indian clothes.

These images showed herself Katie at himself on the page in Instagram. By the way, the Indian way was not only a photo shoot. Also in the magazine you will see the singer in a luxurious dress, which is decorated with many crystals and strewn with flowers by chernobrivtsy. On the head of celebrity luxury colorful crown made in the image of the tree of abundance.

According to tradition, Perry gave an interview in which he said that a few years ago she had to seek help to the experts, as it failed to cope with the mental pain.

The singer said that it was a real depression, which did not allow her to even get out of bed. Before she was able to overcome all mental disorders, but this time depression knocked her down and took off down several flights of stairs. Together with the specialists put her through a lot of work: emotional, mental and spiritual. Katie admitted that she often heard from his colleagues the fact that depression helps to create and write good material. She is sure that this is not about her, this is a great trick to writing good songs, celebrities do not need to suffer and be in a severe mental condition.

Perry also admitted that the specialists helped her cope with the first signs of depression, but to completely remove her from this state could only close relationship with Orlando bloom. And according to her, they helped each other.

Katie told me that I have tried many methods of spiritual balance. Orlando as she is in constant search of balance, so their spiritual path is the same. Bloom is a fan of singer, but Katy Perry and Katherine Hudson (real name of the singer). Celebrity says that when they met Orlando she said they pulled out of each other the poison of heartache, and at the moment, the actor fulfilled his promise. The singer admits that it is very difficult, because they are responsible for one another. However, in her life there was no man who was willing to go with her on the spiritual path there, so she appreciates Orlando, and be sure that the path of purification has no end.

Katie and Orlando are in the status of the bride and groom. Bloom made his beloved proposal in February 2018, and they’ve set a wedding date, but recently they had to change their plans.


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