Lady Gaga has confirmed her engagement to Christian Carino

Леди Гага подтвердила помолвку с Кристианом Карино

In life Lady Gaga is very easy to trace black and white stripes. Her social networks are filled with sad messages when it is experiencing loss or depression. Now in the life of the famous singer is certainly starting to turn the corner. Recently, she debuted in cinema curated by Bradley Cooper. Yet in the career of Gaga are all great, in their personal lives — even better. Yesterday evening 2018 Elle Women In Hollywood, the singer confirmed that indeed getting married.

The rumors that Lady Gaga has trained with her boyfriend and agent Christian Carino been around for a couple of months. Gaga was the winner of Elle award and to celebrate, called Cristiano and her fiance!

On the novel of the singer and the agent became known in February of last year, when they came together for the super bowl. The stadium NRG Stadium Gaga, Carino held hands and kissed. Before that, the artist met and was engaged to actor Taylor Kinney.

earlier, the singer visited the Ellen DeGeneres, where he confessed about the tricks and tricks that he used in his early career. Most recently, Bradley Cooper presented her debut in the Director’s career — the film “a Star is born”. The main roles it performs very Cooper and Gaga. In the film, the actress appeared in the role of uncertain and unknown singer that she was. That’s why on the show I was talking about early in his career. “Starting his career at the age of 19, I decided that I would be a singer because it is unlikely to get a job as an actress. I walked the streets of new York, hauling a piano and knocked at all the doors of the producers and organizers of concerts,” says Gaga.

Independently knocking on doors, Gaga soon realized that so business will not go. She needs a personal assistant that will do the important work while she’s writing songs and performing. As thought the artist, the best Manager will be…she is! “I just rang: “Hello, is the Manager of Lady Gaga. She is now at the peak of popularity, and we would like to book a performance for her at 10 PM”. And to me no one suspected the deception, I deliberately spoke with an English accent. I was pretending to be his Manager, to get the best concert of those, what I could be.”

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