Илон Маск познакомил Grimes с детьми

Elon Musk almost all the time gives work. Now preparing the implementation of one project, and earlier all were concerned for the health of the entrepreneur. Really hope the ailments behind, because now the secret of a happy relationship with beloved Grimes. Musk has decided to introduce 30-year-old girlfriend with their children, and that means it’s serious.

Novel Ilona and Grimes is credited with this spring. Now the family of billionaire starts active preparation for Halloween yesterday with a friend Musk went for the pumpkin market in Los Angeles, which bought pumpkins and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Together with the couple also attended five children of Ilona. Judging by the photos, Claire (real name of the singer) gets along well with them. By the way, amber heard sons were also familiar.

For the first time about the relationship Elon musk and Grimes started talking six months ago. Then they went out together on the red carpet at the Met Gala in new York, after which there were rumors. Despite the unconventional appearance of the singer, the media insisted on the seriousness and sincerity of feelings. In late summer, Grimes and Elon unsubscribed from each other in social networks, giving rise to rumors about the breakup. But judging by the photos, it was only a quarrel which has been.

Recall that Elon Musk is a successful entrepreneur who made a fortune and created a lot of innovation! But success didn’t come easily, and Elon spends their achievements are insanely a lot of effort. As Musk himself said in a recent interview with New York Times: he works 120 hours a week and hardly ever sleeps. Constant lack of sleep and excessive stress could not affect his health. This year Elon has described as the most difficult and painful.

Take, for example, his 47th birthday. It would seem that a huge fortune allows Ilona to throw a stunning party, but he has no time for this. In the end, Musk met and spent a holiday in the office Tesla: “All night — without friends, without anything”. The work is so time-consuming. the life of the entrepreneur, family and friends become worried for him.

Elon told how because of permanent employment was almost late for my brother’s wedding in Catalonia, on than very sorry. The mask managed to get to the event in two hours, but on the very wedding he was unable to relax. Due to the tight schedule immediately after the wedding, the billionaire had to get on a plane and return to the headquarters of Tesla. “There were times when I did not leave the plant for three or four days, leaving all that time on the street. All this happened at the expense of time I could spend on the kids and meeting friends” — sorry entrepreneur.

The work could not affect the health of Ilona. Now Musk is suffering from chronic fatigue and can’t sleep without sleeping pills. “I often face a choice — no sleep at all or take medication”.

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