“Kyrgyz Princess” showed newborn son

«Киргизская принцесса» показала новорожденного сына Aliya Shagieva told how a newborn grows. The daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev believes that the baby really looks like daddy. Parents went for the first walk after a week and a half after the birth of an heir.

      The daughter of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev Aliya Shagieva March 20 for the first time became a mother. She gave her husband Constantine son. Happy parents do not have to hide from the public, as called the boy. They chose a name for him Tair. 11 days later after the birth of Aliya decided to go for a walk with the baby. The successor of the President decided to go with the boy that he had the opportunity to get some fresh air away from the city. Shagieva decided to capture the moment and share the photo with fans.

      “To this day you’ve never seen our planet like this, not from the apartment window, but directly in the wind and sun, even wrapped and covered. Today you live the eleventh day of their lives. Your eyes are full of curiosity and calmness when we were passing a field and you look out the car window and see a bright sky, black threads wire,” commented Aliya.

      A young mother told that the boy is very similar to her husband Constantine. Aliya surprised that a newborn baby is very calm, but because she manages to even draw. Fans never cease to rejoice that Aliya is enjoying motherhood and I believe that she and her husband can raise an heir. “Welcome to our world, Tair! Be happy and healthy! Mommy health! You are great”, “makes me shiver! You guys are bomber! All together, all of Troy”, “What beautiful words, congratulations, a very beautiful name. Tahir’m lucky with my parents”, “So pure, kind deserve to be happy,” wished the followers Tagievoy.

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      Aliya is very open to the fans, and therefore always shares with them their thoughts and feelings. Not so long ago a young mother told how it took birth and that amazing she finds the baby.

      “Never knew that a newborn baby can be such long fingers and outstretched palms. I do, it turns out, almost nothing, knew nothing. The birth of my son has brought us so many incredible discoveries that even while writing this sentence I cried for the umpteenth time and announced the coast that this text is written rather in tears than with a pen,” admitted the President’s daughter.