Elena Kuletskaya surprised spicy the

Елена Кулецкая удивила пикантным снимком The woman showed a curvy shape. Young mother Elena Kuletskaya shared with subscribers in Instagram by changes in the figure – with breastfeeding, the body of beauty has become more appetizing.

      A little over a year ago a well-known model Elena Kuletskaya gave birth to first child. A girl named Nika. Beauty gave the heiress the husband – Stanislav Romanovsky. To the surprise of many followers the woman is very quickly returned to form, and boasted a chiseled forms in Instagram.

      But due to the fact that Kuletskaya still feeds daughter milk, breast blondes noticeably increased. Lena does not hide the joy on this occasion and willingly demonstrates curvy readers microblog. She posted a photo where you playfully smiling in a dress with a deep neckline. “The pros of GW. Two obvious advantages. In the shooting, incidentally, is the size of the frame is called a “Milk plan”. Well, miss obvious,” wrote a woman under the post.

      Fans appreciated the fresh idol and rushed to write in the comments compliments happy model. “Super pros!”, “Lena, how beautiful you are. Motherhood looks good on you”, “Beauty”, “Cool!”, “Shine!”, “Babe, what can I say. And it does not matter! A beautiful mom with beautiful Breasts” – supported favorite subscribers.

      Interestingly, many fans of the model and noted her inner change. According to some users of the social network, it has become more gentle, feminine and homely than it was before the birth. Perhaps experiencing the happiness of motherhood, Elena just took a fresh set priorities in life. Kuletskaya began to put pictures with the younger girl and sharing details of its development. The heiress stars diligently exploring the world, enjoys music, drawing, loves looking at the pictures and listen to books. As it turned out, now she’s interested in and other Sciences.

      “While I’m trying to read a bedtime story, nick is studying anatomy. For me, of course. We try: otkovyryat teeth, see where the tongue, to pull out of the nose, to show where mom’s eyes. With eyes a different story… we find Them and show (picking) everything: toys, books, cards. Now that mom’s eyes it is necessary to show and poke. And my only going to twitch a nervous tick, as nick looked at me seriously, turned away and fell asleep. I hope the anatomical digression will not be part of our sleepy ritual” – shared Elena.