«Киргизская принцесса» рассекретила беременность Aliya Shagieva will become a mother soon. The daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev will give your spouse Konstantin kid. The young artist has shared her emotions that she is feeling on the eve of the birth of a new family member.

      In September of last year it became known that the daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev Aliya Shagieva married. Contrary to the national tradition to hold celebrations on a Grand scale and invite a large number of guests, young played a modest wedding in secret from the General public. The heiress of the head of state linked their lives with a young man named Constantine, whom he had met for four years. Kyrgyz Princess alia Shagieva married a Russian guy

      Soon the young family is expected addition. Aliya has published in social networks photo, which exposed the interesting position of women. Shagieva decided to share their joy with followers. Her pregnancy has become a powerful creativity.

      “Now there is 39-40 weeks pregnant and I am on the highest point of inspiration that I could ever imagine. When you can’t fall asleep until nine in the morning (and after I fell asleep, and often even draw in my sleep), because your head refuses to stop the endless flow of ideas, and you’re sitting like a crazy Professor with red eyes among notebooks, sheets of paper and cats until your husband wakes up for work and does not even know how many of his shirts were stolen from the wardrobe a dark night in order to take a portrait with their image and how wildly it looked very pregnant wife, carrying home chairs, to set camera”, – told Shagieva.

      Alia confessed that for a long time didn’t want to talk about the upcoming motherhood. The successor Almazbek Atambayev after intense public attention because of the news about the wedding decided to talk less about his personal life.

      “About a week ago I began to write about everything honestly, some with mats, allow yourself to be yourself, regardless of what I expected to see, and I was so easy. Now seems far away when in the summer after the explosion of attention to me, I curled up, hiding in my shell and spoke only safe, understandable to all expressions,” admitted Shagieva.

      Followers aliyah believe that after the delivery, she radically changed life. “Aliya! This is a new powerful energy! Some transformation! Super”, “Congratulations! Joyful expectation, anticipation, a little confusion and many other feelings fill the woman in the last days of pregnancy. Let motherhood be easy and joyful,” wished members the successor of the President.