Tatiana Vasilieva is preparing for the baptism of the granddaughter

Татьяна Васильева готовится к крещению внучки The actress admits that loves little Mirra. Tatyana Vasileva has told that the girl is a great kid. However, the heavy workload does not allow her to see baby as often as I would like.

      The other day a famous artist has marked the 70th anniversary. Its anniversary with a woman I met on the scene. The favorite of the audience said that so far not managed to gather close round the table for the accumulated work. And also told that plans to take granddaughter to Church for the ceremony.

      “With my family I will meet then we will celebrate the birthday, and still need Myrrh to baptize. Luck of the draw. And what a beautiful translation: “fragrant resin”. Her fourth month, she’s a wonderful child. Unfortunately, while I can see the Myrrh rare, but ahead of the summer…” – said the grandmother.

      By the way, this time forcing Tatyana Vasilyeva not only less time to spend with his family, but also to be more restrained in his desires. “A feeling of dissatisfaction: very much I want to do catch a lot, but time is running out. And it is filled with endless work. Because choosing between “work” or “not work”, I always prefer the first. Many have to give up — from what I once loved, without which it could not imagine its life.”

      Ex-daughter-in-law Tatyana Vasilyeva afraid for the children

      Despite its venerable age, the actress is actively involved in sports and trying to maintain beauty. The woman believes that this helps her for years to play in the performances.

      “It’s very hard to leave in the morning from the plane and two hours later to go to the gym. After the plane, as a rule, lay down to rest. Sometimes when I raise the bar, even scared: what if something is going to happen if I’m her last raise? But I raise. I have — and all. If you do not, you will not be able to run around the stage or quickly climb the stairs.”

      It is interesting that periodically appear pictures Tatyana Grigorevna from the gym. Fans of such will-power appreciate, but I ask his idol to protect themselves. It Vasilyeva also have an opinion.

      “I do not feel sorry for myself. If you start to do it (and sometimes even that can tears), then all bets are off. You need to learn not to feel sorry for yourself. Not to call someone when hard, do not run, do not ask, do not complain. When you learn not to complain, it becomes much easier”, – said the woman in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”.