The ex-soloist of “Leningrad” Alice Vaux scandals with the producers

Экс-солистка «Ленинграда» Алиса Вокс скандалит с продюсерами The singer told fans about conflicts with other representatives of show-business. According to Alice Walks, she frequently call with offers on cooperation, but almost each such conversation ends in rude comments against the actress.

      After leaving the group “Leningrad” Alisa VOX songs she writes and promotes his own solo career to the masses. On the road, where it held concerts in the major cities of Russia, the artist presents a new composition. Alisa VOX: “Shnurov had the wisdom and courage not to spoil our relationship”

      Due to the fact that Alice changed the style of performance, some fans stopped listening to her creations, insisting on the tracks of the old format. The girl is not disappointed, but just continued to persevere and gain a new audience. However, VOKS periodically gets calls from producers who insist that she needs support in show business.

      “Very often we call different interesting personalities that start with the greeting and with the words: “so, I’m a producer”. Then he begins to tell of the wrong choice of material, summing up his fiery speech to the fact that I, of course, she couldn’t guess, but he as a producer with the shows that I need lyrics about alcohol and genitals, because it is expected of me. And then by chance the producer is also a composer, and in store it has a for me… Upon closer inspection, the producer is undervalued genius tavern in lyrics once-white suit, shoes with sharp nose and black glasses,” shared Alice.

      According to the singer, these issues are decided by its Director. When he refuses to such people, the alleged producers begin to write the artist negative comments on social networks. VOX said that she had even formed a collective image of a man who has no taste in music, but very high self esteem. Alice prefers not to refer to such dubious characters.

      The singer has announced that very soon will be released her new track called “Nadruki”. “Today will be a photo shoot for the cover of the single. Then send it to iTunes where it will be tested and then hit the catalogs about a hundred Internet sites, where you will be able to buy it and listen. I’m sure the song will please you not less than me,” said Alice.