Кайли Миноуг впервые выйдет замуж

Кайли Миноуг впервые выйдет замуж

Fans of popular Australian singer Kylie Minogue happy for their idol. In the first days of the new year it became known that 51-year-old singer finally for the first time will be the bride. She got engaged with her lover Paul Solomons, which was in a relationship for two years.

About this happy event was reported by Australian media. At the time of proposal of marriage Paul gave his sweetheart an exquisite ring with an emerald. This stone was chosen for a reason, it turns out emerald is the stone of Kylie in the personal horoscope, and in it she really believes. And yet, Solomonson made a sketch of the ring, and already it jewelers produced product.

To the maximum extent possible to please his partner, Paul decided to consult with sister Kylie and Danny. The sisters are very close and I know the taste of each other. Apparently Paul has not lost. He proposed in the house Minogue in Melbourne. And very soon the couple will take a romantic journey to celebrate the happy event.

In February 2017, Kylie broke up with her ex-boyfriend Joshua Sasse, and in may 2018, the singer presented Paul to their family and friends. From fans, she also did not hide this information publishing sharing photos on his page in Instagram. For the first time Kylie invited Paul for a joint event on its 50th anniversary, which she celebrated in one of the most popular clubs in London.

After the birthday party the singer posted a black-and-white photos from the festival, which was captured their passionate kiss. After they came out as a couple in September 2018.

The other day in London was held the ceremony of awarding the man of the year, which was invited by Kylie and Paul. Guests of the event were the first witnesses of the appearance of celebrities in the status of official spouses.

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