Как развиваются отношения между Рэй Джеем и Принцесс Лав после рождения сына Эпика

Ray j and Princess Love have met their second child, son ray Epic, just a few days ago. The couple is also parents to 19-month-old daughter melody Love.
American rapper ray j and his wife Princess Love are working on their relationship issues. 38-year-old actor and star of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star again for the second time became parents, and ray seems more than ever committed to make his marriage perfect. “Ray j and Princess Love are still working to eliminate the ambiguity in their relationship after all the drama that occurred recently,” said one of the relatives of the couple. “Ray Jay did everything in his power to regain her trust, because he knows that she is the love of his life, and they’ve been through so much together.”

Ray and Princess Love wait for their second child, son ray, Epica, and confirmed the news on social networks! Proud mom of a Princess — full name Princess Love Norwood — shared a cute photo of the little Epic, holding her finger. She signed adorable photo with his full name Epic ray Norwood and added a smiley face with a blue heart. “Now, when their second child was born, he is determined to rectify the situation,” adds the insider. “He knows he’s not perfect, but will do everything possible to prove he can be the best father and husband that she needs”.
The happy news follows a turbulent time for the endless showdown for the pair, as the Princess of Love said that he would file for divorce after ray left her 19-month-old daughter melody Love stranded in Las Vegas. Soon after, ray Jay was also spotted without his wedding ring at the international airport of Los Angeles. “Left me and melody in Las Vegas, and I couldn’t call … now you want to publish family pictures. #ByeUgly”, star LLHH commented on a family photo from the BET Soul Train Awards on November 17.
Since then, drama, apparently, remained is allowed between them, as they continue to focus on how to recover your relationship in the right direction. “Ray Jay has made many promises to the Princess of Love, he swears he left all the nonsense behind and went into the new decade a changed man,” adds the second source. “They had a good Christmas together, and they again began understanding each other. Their family and friends very much hope that it will fulfill its promises and become husband and father they know he can and will be!”.

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Ray also mentioned his newborn son in a video on YouTube, which allowed fans to see their family life. “Your little brother will be here. Are you getting excited? Here will be my little brother, he heard the words of his 19-month-old daughter melody Love. “I love you @mzprincesslove, so proud of you. The strongest women in the world and the mother of my children,” sweet wrote ray Jay after the birth of Epica.

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