Кайли Дженнер прогулялась с дочерью Сторми в total look Fendi

20-year-old mommy Kylie Jenner has already settled into a new role and without changing his principles and manners went for a walk with a little Stormy. Even a simple walk with your child celebrity dressed in the latest fashion trends – outfit Italian fashion house Fendi. In the stroller of the same brand was a little Stormy.

Кайли Дженнер прогулялась с дочерью Сторми в total look Fendi

Looking at the photos, fans cheering the stars — the mother is trying to spend more time with the baby. Earlier in the media went the news that the young Kylie was too young for motherhood and unable to cope with responsibilities. Family members are happy to help the girl to cope with maternal responsibilities, but as reported by insiders — is not enough. Kylie had hired a nanny to help her care for her daughter, even though it had previously assured the public that will cope without her.

“At first Kylie wanted Chris and sister helped her… Chris spent a lot of time in the apartment of his daughter, when she returned with the firstborn,” — said the insider.

The boyfriend of the younger sister of Kim Kardashian and the father of the newborn Stormy lives together with Kylie — the 25-year-old Travis Scott got his own place, a 40-minute drive from sweetheart.

“Officially, Kylie and Travis don’t live in the same house, but together they raise a daughter. Everything was going great, and they’re happy. Lovers do not hurry with the engagement, and just enjoy your little family,” — said a source close to the couple.

We will remind that earlier to hire staff for the education of the baby she was going, and wanted to do everything ourselves. “She wants initially helped her only sister and mother, and does not want her child to interact with strangers,” says the source.

As reported by the Western media, Kylie is enjoying motherhood and not in a hurry to return to his former life, when almost every step, fell under the sights of the paparazzi.

“She is very happy that now her life is hidden from the public eye. And while she has no plans to return to the publicity,” says an insider.

We will remind that relatives and friends of the star were worried about how Kylie will raise the child. She has nothing to worry about, because the advisers in the family Kardashian-Jenner abound, but not only cares mom Kylie. “The family is still worried because Kylie is too young. But they will support and help her with the baby. Her sister trying to give her as many tips,” says an insider.

Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner outraged that her daughter’s boyfriend Travis does not care about her. Rumor has it that he even changes the expectant mother of his child. “Chris is really pissed. She’s mad at indifferent to her daughter Travis. Chris never saw his concern. Travis is separated from his family, and Chris did not understand how in the future Kylie will develop a relationship with him, but now she is extremely disappointed. Chris made it clear to Travis that her daughter deserves better and that he better not hurt her,” says the insider.

Father of Kylie, which in 2015 had a sex change and appeared before the public as Kathleen Jenner, also wasn’t happy news about pregnancy of the daughter. “Kathleen Jenner first was not happy when I heard that Kylie will become a mother,” says the insider, adding that as Chris questioned the boyfriend.