Дочь Александра Серова сбежала за границу после скандала с внебрачными детьми After a few airs the country’s attention was drawn to the family of the famous musician. His own daughter Michelle Serova tired of the hype and went to Rome to gain strength.

The daughter of Alexei Serov Michelle was present at the shooting of several programs, during which find out how many actually own children from her father. Serov was attributed the glory of the macho who has not once been intimate with the fans. It turned out that he had two illegitimate daughters: Alice, who lives in the USA, and Kristin, born in Germany. However, the heiress Hope the tiller works Serov did not recognize.

Dear daughter of the artist Michel followed in the footsteps of her father, she starts a singing career, although initially received a different education. Tired of talking about her family, she decided to go abroad. To relax, Michelle chose Sunny Italy. She enjoys walking around Rome and excellent weather.

“An unforgettable time in Rome! I just love it! Thank you friends for exposure. The marathon, which I did, kept adequately! 3 days – 30 km on foot! And that was just the warm-up,” he told Michelle in the microblog.

Members admire pictures daughter Serov and wish her a great time. Apparently, the musician helped my daughter Finance her to have a rest abroad. As recognized actor, he did not mind for the child. However, when it became known that Alexander could throw daughter in the hospital, which was born with no arms, Michelle gave rise to a scandal. The girl did not want to publicized their family secret.

“She rushed me into the room and started screaming: “Who asked you? Who gave you permission?” Flew the phone, plates. I barely hid under the blanket. For what? Because I did everything literally. She lives the Queen”, – shared the artist.

Michelle does not deny that he loves his father, but she also does not avoid meetings with his mother. As later told the girl it seemed that the parents breakup wasn’t forever. “It was hard. I was about 16, parents were concerned that I wasn’t worried. But I worry more now than then. I thought it will get better,” said Michelle. However, to the world in their family so far away.