Кайли Дженнер поделилась воспоминаниями с фото, на которых она была беременна дочерью Сторми

The family Kardashian-Jenner February 1, 2018, the year was a great event: the… Kylie Jenner was born the daughter of Stormy Webster.
Kylie Jenner nostalgic, decided to share this sweet moment in a woman’s life with your followers on Instagram.
Just a few weeks before the second birthday anniversary of her daughter’s Stormy 22-year-old star of the show “keeping up with the Kardashian family” decided to take a trip down memory lane and reminisced about her pregnancy, sharing a throwback photo of your child to Instagram on Tuesday.
“Throwbackpregnant with my girl!”, signed it your post times stay in the most reverent moment, along with the hashtag name of her beloved daughter. “I can’t believe my daughter will soon be two…”
In the photo, Jenner shows bare belly in a black t-shirt and maroon sweat pants.

Кайли Дженнер поделилась воспоминаниями с фото, на которых она была беременна дочерью Сторми
Jenner gave birth to a daughter Stormy February 1, 2018 from that boy Travis Scott. It is known that the founder “Joelle Cosmetics” kept her pregnancy a big secret from fans, only confirming it on social networks after the birth of a child.
“I’m sorry to keep you in the dark, despite all assumptions” — she wrote in his post on Instagram. “I understand that you’re used to, I’m taking you with me in all my travels. My pregnancy was the moment that I decided not to reveal to the world”.
Jenner continued: “I knew that I needed to prepare for this role for life in the most positive, stress-free and healthy way I know. I knew that my child would feel any stress and every negative emotion, so I decided to do so for my little life and our happiness.”
“I appreciate my friends and especially my family helped me make this special moment the most happy!”

In the past year, Jenner has arranged a Grand party at the amusement Park on first birthday Stormy.
Called “StormiWorld” — a tribute album to Scott’s “Astroworld” — at the celebration had everything from a live performance of “Baby Shark” to the carnival rides and French fries in the style of “Louis Vuitton”.
Jenner also talked Stormy and the party room to fill inflatable sky balls (signed by the name Stormy).
“How lucky I am to have such a sweet, smart, happy child. I just couldn’t think of anything better than you, my storm! I wish you always remained so small, and I would be able to protect your contagious smile and laughter,” wrote the tycoon in his post on Instagram about his daughter.

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