48-летняя Джада Пинкетт-Смитт поразила своим новым образом

American singer, actress, writer, producer, Director and entrepreneur — jada Pinkett Smith raised to a new level gaze on the blonde in this coming New year! Host of the talk show “Red Table Talk”, which premiered may 7, 2018, amazed fans with his new hair color, even more extreme than the last time she did her curls.
We never saw the 48-year-old jada Pinkett Smith in the image of the blonde! Well, maybe not since the premiere of “Tales from the crypt: demon Knight” in 1995. Leading “Red Table Talk” showed a bright, fiery, almost platinum head with short natural curls his 9.7 million fans on his page in Instagram on January 7. Jada just signed a new post to view with red lips in the form of emoticons, but it wasn’t much to say – gamer living in this lovely lady all spoke for itself. In combination with Golden-bronze eye shadow and lip gloss hair made fans leave comments like “I like this look” and “Great way without a doubt!”.

48-летняя Джада Пинкетт-Смитт поразила своим новым образом
At the beginning of 2019 jada actually moved to its color “sandy blonde” 90 years old, she described his image in a new post in March last year. The author page Facebook Watch alternate style with long braids, while leaving their bright color even in the course of the year, and even turbans. But the latter method of installation, along with shorter haircuts, actually there after jada has undergone a “terrifying” change, which she opened in 2018.
“I had a lot of reasons as to why I wore a turban. Well, I’ve had problems with hair loss,” told jada in the episode of his talk show “Red Table Talk” in may 2018. “And I’ll tell you that it was awful when it started. Once I was in the shower, and then just a moment a handful of hair was left in my hands, and I said, “Oh my God, am I going bald? I at this rate will soon be quite bald!”. The actress recalled that “literally trembling with fear” from the incident, and then said, “That’s why I got a haircut and continued to reduce the length so short.”

We can’t wait to see what hairstyle jada will think to yourself next time, leaving the ester on the big screen if she gets back to the filming of the fourth movie “the Matrix 4”, which is planned to be released on may 21, 2021, of which she is reportedly negotiating since October of 2019, according to a report by online news magazine “Deadline” for this month, the project is also currently listed on her IMDb page. As a character, Niobe, Jada’s hair was stylized knots for The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003).

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