Николь Кидман поделилась переживаниями после утраты отца

Николь Кидман поделилась переживаниями после утраты отца

Recently the world saw the new film “Scandal”, starring that starred famous 52-year-old actress Nicole Kidman. Celebrity began to give an interview and graced the cover of the January issue of Tatler magazine. Edition lucky enough to get a big interview the actress.

Nicole Kidman is currently married to Keith urban, they are raising two daughters, and the youngest was born when the actress turned 41 years old. From his first marriage with Tom cruise the celebrity has two children, but they were adopted. Kidman told the difference between raising children in 20 and 40 years.

She admitted that when she became older, and raising children has become easier. She has no boundaries and it allows absolutely everything to their children. In General, she tries to follow the advice of her grandmother, who once told her, “All unhappy in their own way, someone difficult environment, someone has divorced parents or there was grief, but most importantly, the child must feel and know that love him.” So Nicole tries every day to show your love to your children.

In 2014, the family of Kidman’s happened a grief, a celebrity lost his father. In order not to go crazy, she decided with a head to dive into life, and grabbed at anything I could. According to the actress, grief almost killed her, she didn’t even think her heart can withstand so much adrenaline and fear.

The current spouse Nicole is an Australian singer. She said that quite often they take their children and go together on tour. For their families it can often be together, so touring with Keith urban they have visited all parts of the world. Kidman admits that children may one day get tired of the constant trips and they make a decision never to leave his hometown, but yet they are happy to spend time.

Also, the actress said that children totally change the life of a woman. The greatest love is tested to the children, and that love, sometimes very painful but always joyful.

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