Кайли Дженнер пожертвовала 1 миллион долларов на борьбу с лесными пожарами в Австралии

Kylie Jenner donated $ 1 million to the Australian effort to assist with the fire after it announced its concern about the tragic death of wildlife, and then wore a pair of Slippers made of mink that caused a negative reaction from fans.
Kylie Jenner tries to cope with his pain over the deaths of almost half a billion animals in the devastating fires in Australia despite the fact that wearing Slippers made of mink. One of the journalists in Hollywood has learned that 22-year-old Mogul of the powerful Corporation of cosmetics donated $ 1 million to fight the fires burning on the continent. Initially, she published in Instagram the story of the destruction of wild nature, showing the photo of a fireman holding a frightened Koala bear next to a burning tree, and wrote: “It breaks my heart.”

Кайли Дженнер пожертвовала 1 миллион долларов на борьбу с лесными пожарами в Австралии
But soon after the publication of the tragic death of fauna in Australia Kylie shared the story of Instagram that she is wearing a pink mink shoes “Louis Vuitton” in addition with his pink nail Polish, also showing followers your pedicure. A few fans took pictures of these stories and placed them next to the Koala. The user IG ashleyollie269 did just that, signing a post: “SAVE the KOALAS, BUT KILL!”. Right after @kyliejenner has published the sad stories of the death of koalas in Australia, she published the happy story that her toes warm dead mink. “Cognitive dissonance is killing the world.”

Kylie also discovered that she needed to distance themselves from the effects of wildfire on 6 January, when she posted a photo of himself near a burning fireplace, dressed in a sexy outfit with a bare top and underwear with a high waist and a Nude mesh of fish. First she wrote “find the fire” with the flaming emoticons as the caption, but it was immediately attacked by the haters. One of the fans named “itnfdg” commented: “If someone needs a fire, you have a great chance to see it – go to Australia!”. Kylie then changed the title to “night”, but subscribers still in the comments to the photo and decided to continue to develop this theme.
The user franaz94 wrote: “you and your friends have done to prevent Australian forest fires!? Liam Hemsworth has donated $ 1 million. Your family can certainly make even bigger and better? In addition, many companies also came to the rescue in this disaster. As long as you love to put everything on display, to demonstrate how much money you have,” he added Polak. “As the suffering of one animal can break your heart while wearing a mink?” Have you seen how they suffer ???” The user ravengispert commented:” We love a girl who talks about how she cares about animals, but wears them kills herself”.

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