Kseniya Borodina scandal because of the criticism of children

Ксения Бородина устроила скандал из-за критики детей The presenter defended the daughters. Sometimes netizens are too sharply Express their opinions in the comments to pictures of children Xanime Borodina. She was amazed at the incorrect people.
Ксения Бородина устроила скандал из-за критики детей

Ksenia Borodina not once said that it is ready for a lot to go for my family. TV presenter loves his daughters and often tells the audience of millions of Instagram about the success of daughters. Army fans the stars “House-2” always admired how she is a caring mother. However, the comments under one post brought Borodin herself.

“I’m very sorry that in our country there is no punishment at least in the form of a fine for foul language people online! And of the impunity that gives such people the right to insult not only us but also kids. Reading the comments under the last post, I wanted to sink into the ground from shame. What are potty mouths, who I want with powder and a brush wash! That’s right, that in some countries, you’re not that photos can’t do it without permission, so you still pay a fine for a dirty mouth! And we have unfortunately impunity, so the Internet has unleashed a lot of women with dirty mouths from their own dissatisfaction with life, husbands, work or not work, pour the mud,” – said TV presenter.

Ksenia believes that women who are so harsh in the Network, can’t be happy and caring mothers. The presenter closed the comments to the post from the birthday of a friend of Maroussi, and the most active users sent to the unit. “I am ashamed of a society ashamed of people in General, ashamed of such pathetic souls,” added the star.

Despite such a situation Borodin is not going to refuse from Instagram. She is interested in the opinion of the users of the Network, but she can’t fully close her eyes to the negative. “I communicate with people, otherwise what’s the point in blogging? You know, most celebrities don’t even read what they write followers, exclusively narcissism: hung photos and that’s it. And I wonder what people think, and if I don’t agree with his point of view, ready to engage in dialogue. In my Instagram, as in any family, there is praise, and quarrels. We have such a fun life!” – shared Ksenia, in an interview with “StarHit”.