Соседи Аллы Пугачевой обеспокоены состоянием ее здоровья People from the village in the Dirt revealed details of life Diva. According to Galina and Ivan who live in this village, Alla lost a lot of weight.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin live happily in the castle which they built a few years ago in the village of Mud. According to neighbors from other houses, the family uses the services of a servant who had settled in their possessions. Ivan and Galina, who lives nearby, told how often celebrities are in the village.

“If the light is on only half, then not, left. On the right side of the house is mostly home to the servants. Built this house, as far as I know, the Belarusians. Famous guests on this site he built himself a hut. When Galkin has decided to move here, he that the children were not upset, they built a separate house, even put a TV. The neighboring house was something he wanted to buy, but since it was mainly old people, they didn’t want to move anywhere. Now these elderly people already there, mostly in their homes live the remaining children and grandchildren. Some Maxim neighbors roof helped to make. In General, a good man.” – releasing people.

Galkin and Pugacheva are trying to please the villagers. She often come with delicious gifts for the villagers. Sometimes the stars present for the holiday expensive alcoholic drinks or foods that are difficult to buy in the village.

Galina told reporters that her cousin helped the Diva in the house. She tried to be strict with the servants, but always normally paid. “Ever passes, you will notice that it does something, and says: “It is necessary to do so and so”, and could be criticized. A Maxim is very good! Salary never hurt. The relative two years they have worked, and then left. I know that right now Alla Borisovna brought nannies and a cook from Moscow… From the stars, by the way, I saw there is still a butcher, he came, apparently, to visit,” said the woman.

The only thing that worries neighbors Pugacheva is its appearance. Diva not once complained about the condition. Dealing with “the Interlocutor, odnoselchane confirm that the star lost a lot of weight and looks unimportant.

“Yes she is, besides health, nothing else. She has everything but power – shows that have little! Recently Alla very passed, I lost a lot of weight. Last year, I remember, ran into her on the Playground, she was still normal, but two months ago, when again I saw her, seemed so very thin!” – added neighbor.