Ksenia Sobchak tired of talking about her alleged pregnancy

Ксении Собчак надоели разговоры о ее мнимой беременности
The controversial star showed off rounded tummy in detail.

Ксении Собчак надоели разговоры о ее мнимой беременности

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: xenia_sobchak (Instagram Ksenia Sobchak)

Very soon, the 34-year-old Ksenia Sobchak will be the first time mother.
Despite the large pregnancy, the star has officially announced
his position only in the recent competition “New wave” in Sochi. And before that
Ksenia constantly uploaded their photos at such angles, when there was
visible belly, fueling the talk about about pregnancy.

However, even now, when Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan
no longer hide that will soon become parents, still missing disputes
topic, and whether Sobchak is pregnant really? On the eve of the couple together visited
a football match and then their address was accused that the woman who
is pregnant must avoid such events.

Maybe that’s why Xenia today published the,
which will force to quiet the most ardent skeptics. A designer dress tight
hugs the belly Sobchak, stressing all the details of the body structure.

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan on the football mast

Photo: xenia_sobchak (Instagram Ksenia Sobchak)

By the way, while the couple did not call the sex of the baby, it is not
even know a future grandpa Emmanuel Vitorgan. But a few days ago Svetlana Bondarchuk, which Sobchak trusts, hinted,
that Xenia can be born twins.