Pamela Anderson without underwear have supported Julian Assange

Памела Андерсон без нижнего белья поддержала Джулиана Ассанжа
The star has pleased the Creator of Wikileaks Breakfast.

Pamela Anderson


Breakfast with Pamela Anderson without underwear a dream of thousands of men. However, so lucky only one of them is Julian Assange. Spectacular blonde came to visit the founder of Wikileaks in a thin knit dress, which wasn’t wearing underwear.

Meeting Pamela and Julian was held in the Embassy of Ecuador in the territory of London. That is where “lives” Assange. The star of “Baywatch” not only pleased him shining through dress with the outline of a luxury bust, but also brought his idol vegetarian Breakfast.

It was not the first meeting Pamela and Julian. Sex-symbol became acquainted with the founder of Wikileaks, assisted by the famous designer Vivienne Westwood in 2014. Anderson has repeatedly received personal advice from Assange about the charity. It is not excluded that this time the theme was the same. Anderson is every year becoming more and more ardent protector of wild animals and a lot of time on issues of environmental protection… However , it is reported that the theme of charity was this time only a pretext for the meeting. Actually Pamela is greatly worried about the health of Assange find themselves locked up and wanted to give him his visit support.