Ksenia Sobchak: “Sometimes work brings me to tears!”

Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Last week the star announced his participation in presidential elections of the Russian Federation. “Against all” is the motto of her campaign. At the same time, Ksenia Sobchak continues to lead the “New Factory of stars”. The celebrity said “StarHit” on favorites on the project, with respect to the plastic and deal with them.
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!»

We met Ksenia in the dressing room Glavkino, where she is preparing to write a “New idol” at “Muz-TV”. After a 10 year break, the legendary reality returned to the screens, and Sobchak unexpectedly became his leading! Dressing room I have to say, it is just one room with a small couch, a couple chairs, a full-length mirror. On the table – fruit, tea, coffee, mineral water, vegetables, salads and pita bread. Our heroine vparivaet into the room in a grey sports trousers and a wide plaid shirt, without any makeup and with a sloppy “bun” on the head. To choose an outfit, to instruct the stylists about hairstyles and makeup, lunch, it takes literally ten minutes.

Xenia, I thought there luxury apartments, caviar and champagne – so much about your Ryder said…
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Me hiding something? Cyril (Director of the star. – Approx. “StarHit”) maybe you do hang out in VIP, and I was being kept here? Behind the wall crazy Suite, quail, sparkling? —
Believe that “factory” youth strikes? How many stars came out of it – Polina Gagarina, Yulia Savicheva, Irina Dubtsova! And now, the musical projects for some reason ceased to supply the country artists. A month – and forget all… One hope for the “Factory”!
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» No, not all the way. For example, there is Anton Belyaev.—
But he’s still not on par with the Bilan Lazarev… Anton is known in narrower circles.
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» All such narrow circles. It works for 30 thousand euros, are scheduled for the next few months. And, in my opinion, he is not a fine artist. —
Allocate some of the participants of the “New American idol”?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Yes, there is a very young talented girl – Zina Kupriyanovich. Great voice, great has on stage. I really believe in it. Victor Drobysh as an experienced Pro, a lot of them gives, under his leadership, the guys will do something – at least in terms of their own musical development. Fans they already have: not noticed how the girls are waiting for our young artists at the entrance, ask for autographs. The project initially seemed interesting, plus friends for many years with the channel “Muz-TV”, we do a lot of things. By the way, the final super show “New American idol” will be held on December 22 in “VTB the Ice Palace.” In addition to the 16 contestants who will participate many artists.

And do some music listening?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Actually, I’m not a music fan, love rock – Zemfira, Sasha Vasilyev. When possible, go to concerts. At home, in the car, in photo shoots, does not include. I have so many things that try to be in silence.—
And sing? At home, in the shower, at karaoke?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» I don’t know how to do it, so I try not to torture others… But here is Viktor Yakovlevich, it seems, does not think so and even promised to write a song for me. I told him jokingly suggested, but he is resolute. So now you expect a gift on your birthday! —
Olga Buzova even sang. However, it all is helpful.
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» I hardly listen to this kind of. Saw one clip, something about half. Well done with the perspective of pop music, quite accurately. If Olga found herself, if she has many hits, why not. As to the conviction, it is passing me by. Everything is always someone to criticize, give a reason. —
Are you attached to the project participants or keep your distance to not get upset when someone leaves?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Yes, we here already have a real family! When you spend so much time side by side, is simply impossible. I honestly always worry about guys, I have favorites, some I like, some don’t. My opinion guys, too, sometimes Express, girls, if treated, give style tips. All friends. Once she even burst into tears when one of the nominees left a reality. —
How is your day? Now everything else has been added and long hours outside Moscow..
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» It’s hard, a lot of parallel projects. “New star Factory” I spend 7-8 hours – including make-up, preparing, waiting… In my life now period when you need to clearly outline the logistics of movements, to appoint the maximum number of meetings in one place, be it an office, a cafe or restaurant. This ensures the maximum number of outstanding issues. Many work remotely – Skype, video conferencing. In the car I have a real business office. The more you want to catch, the more time. Of course, since the change of my status worries increased. But they are a welcome and enjoyable! And with the inevitable difficulties we cope. Very helpful, by the way, the probiotic “Bifiform Baby”, normalizing the intestinal microflora of the baby.
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!»
When we last talked with you, you were a night owl. Most likely, it is not so?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Yes, it all happened by itself. Biological rhythms change with the birth of a child. Now Wake up before even the alarm is not needed. A very strange thing: with the advent of the baby like it or not from “owls” converted into “the lark”. But it’s good: in the morning, I now spend with my son. Even sports are already doing as a residual. Honestly, I just want to be with a boy, play with him, to walk… So I still have extra weight. I understand that if I take him, then destroyed. But at the moment very broken, not before.—
Maxim Galkin has made of his children the stars of Instagram. You son is hiding?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Don’t plan to show it. When Plato would grow up to decide. —
But you often talk in the blog about my purse. What’s always in your handbag?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Phone, credit cards, glasses, keys, perfume… Now it is a Play With a Devil by Killian. —
Do you prefer loose outfits, including the “New star Factory”. This is due to dissatisfaction figure?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Including. I am a perfectionist, have lost weight, but I still have 3-4 extra pounds. Basically, wear your size, but I just feel to sleep. When you do figure seriously, make a training schedule, nutrition. Hope will quickly be back in form. On the other hand, no longer wear tight clothes for each age group style. Now the fashion for oversized – large shoulders, the blazers, the aesthetics of Demna Gvasalia (in designer clothes. – Approx. ed.). Not period features walking in tight skirts.

How old do you feel? Afraid of the expression “the fourth decade”?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Of course, like all much younger. In this sense, it is necessary to stop myself. The phrase is a little unnerving, but nothing can be done – it’s a fact of life. Hide age is meaningless.—
Everyone is doing now injections, meso… And what do you think about the serious plastics?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» If you need it, why not. I am not against plastics in General. When I’m 60 years old and if I have something much SAG, weigh the pros and cons. Now nothing to worry about. You’re not afraid to do surgery on your liver as it is healthy?—
You’re one of the most popular leading corporate events. Their number now had to reduce or refuse?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Why should I give up? It’s my job. I make a schedule in advance, of course, subject to some personal Affairs including. —
New year’s eve last year, two months after the birth of her son, you heroically worked. And in this plan?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Don’t know yet, but it may well be. —
And how do you relax? Everyone is now obsessed with the series…
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» I am also a fan. “Game of thrones” is my favorite. Of the latter, that looked like “Little big lies”, “Falling”, “Fargo”. A lot of good movies coming out. Furthermore, like bath, massage, walking. On restaurants, not enough time, and desire especially. —
Sometimes need to be alone?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» I communicate with a huge number of people, I have a fairly tough schedule, but I can’t complain. Loneliness is not desirable, rather, is the desire to spend more time with family. This summer in connection with the birth of a son, the decree I am well rested. In total had a month off – this chic in my life not long ago. Had a great time in Spain, in Marbella, with Maxim and Plato. It was heaven: do nothing, turn off, read books, watch shows, play sports…
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!»
You recently celebrated the husband’s birthday. The trip to Turkey was your gift?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» He organized the trip, has gathered friends and were looking for a hotel route. I told him only helped. —
You prepare gifts in advance or buy spontaneously?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» In advance. Besides Maxim indifferent to any material things, every time I try to surprise him – more emotional. —
But other men pay attention?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Actually, I’m married. But all the time someone fascinated. I’m friends with men – that’s natural for me. —
There are negative traits, which are struggling?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» A lot of them, not all do. I quickly get annoyed, there are flashes of anger, during which easily enhance the voice. This is the main. But I understand that some members of my team shouting meaningless. They just get scared and not do anything better. I am for efficiency. What a creative person you need to praise him, and let him shit done. Initially, encourage, saying, “what a great article, but there is a caveat”. And then say what I think. If a person is engaged in managerial work, it have to be to do with stress. —
Now you have a new status – family… And if you were offered a big contract abroad for a year, could move?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» For the job ready. I do not exiled to Siberia! If Fox wants to do its own daily show in America, of course, move and year happy to work hard. If the offer to lead the Vogue is Anna Wintour, too, agree. If invited to speak in the cafe “Tatiana” on Brighton beach, it would clearly refuse. —
And money is important or important to make it interesting?
Ксения Собчак: «Иногда работа доводит меня до слез!» Money is always important, but depends on what money. —
Are you a big spender?
I wouldn’t say that, but I like to live well. At the same time, saving up and not spending on stupid stuff.

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